Katie Price: I'll Never Have 'Face' Surgery! Oh C'mon!

Katie Price, aka Glamour model Jordan, aka Mrs. Peter Andre, blabs about how she will never have s**urgery on her face**.

And guess what the reason is? She doesn't want to look fake!!!

Although I've had my nose done, anything else from the neck up is just wrong. You see people in LA with these weird creases in their face - it doesn't look natural.
-Katie Price
WTF is this 30-year old has-been talking about? She's has as many plastic surgeries as the human body can allow. First, it's her cup size which she surgically had increased form a B to a D. Then, Katie herself admits to having a **nose job **just before Christmas.

If you’ve already had your boobs and your nose done - why the hell would you say that you're against face surgery? And what's left to operate on anyway? **Her brain, maybe?!? **LOL…

Photo Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

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