Greys Anatomy Mc Steamy is Back


**By Lebo Nolan **

Ever since he leapt on to our telly screens on Greys anatomy, We have all been battling to make up our minds on who is the sexiest between Mc steamy and Mc dreamy.

But after much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that nothing beats Eric Dane in a towel. His upper physic really gets the pot boiling.

Eric Dane, 34, is one of the cast of Greys anatomy, a medical drama that has got us scheduling the programme into our diaries, phones and even reminder notes on our fridges. He plays his role as a womaniser superbly, letting us lady viewers into the typical hot sexy male psyche and way of thinking,

Dane's first major film appearance was in the 1999 film The Basket, a movie about a small town near Spokane, Washington during World War I.

He has also appeared in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. Have you seen how good he looks in leather? His typical bad boy features has every woman wishing they could just get on the bike with him and recreate the Top gun scene as he takes our breath away.

Dane has had a lot of acting behind him, making a number of appearances in Charmed, Silk Stalking and the 2004 remake of the Manson family biopic. Yes ladies I am afraid he is a family man and dedicated husband to wife Rebecca Gayheart who most of us remember her from the films such as Scream 2 and Urban legend.

Thankfully for us we can still enjoy him none the less on seasons 5 Greys anatomy which apparently has a lot of surprises in store for us, although he is keeping silent about his storyline at the Seattle Grace Hospital.

About his ideal Sunday: "Sleep in - for me, that’s about 9:15 β€” make coffee, quiet my head, make an omelette for my girl and play music. I make a hell of an omelette. And I make great chicken soup too!

Well I am off to Seattle Grace Hospital for some chicken soup!

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I heart Mc Steamy! I really do. Sigh!

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