Meet Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi Americal Idol's 4th Judge


Meet Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi Americal Idol's 4th Judge
Meet Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi Americal Idol's 4th Judge

If you're kinda sick from Paula's antics, Simon's sarcastic comments and Randy's dog pound but you just can't stop yourself from watching American Idol anyway – don't worry, things are about to change.

The 8th season of AI is showing this January – and fans of the show will be given a breath of fresh air with the addition of its new judge: Kara DioGuardi. The 37-year old beauty is a songwriter, record producer and singer **who wrote songs for the who's who in the industry: from **Celine Dion to the Jonas Brothers!

When asked how she felt when she was offered the role as the 4th AI judge, Kara was quoted as saying: "I almost fell off the chair!"

I'm a little nervous. I'm going to be a straight shooter and say it like I see it and maintain that philosophy. I'm somebody who's really honest and gives an opinion. If I feel I need to be hard, I will be. And if I feel I need to be more nurturing, I will be.
-Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi

I'm personally thrilled with the news. Simon, Paula & Randy have been together as judges of the show for the longest time – and their flagging ratings these past few seasons should be given a boost with the **introduction **of this new judge.

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Using this forum as it is the only venue to submit a comment on the American Idol show. Often I find the judges attempting to tell the contestants that they need to "find the real you." It is hard to do this but I have a suggestion. Consider telling them that they need to perform the "next song" as if they knew they were to be eliminated and this would be their last opportunity to show the world "who they were." Too often I have seen contestants sing their "going away" performance and had they performed in the same manner the week prior they would not be going away. Just a thought J. Metcalf

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