10 Photos of Victoria Beckham and Her Airport Style ...


10 Photos of Victoria Beckham and Her Airport Style ...
10 Photos of Victoria Beckham and Her Airport Style ...

Most of us travel wearing very comfortable clothes. I admit that if my day involves a plane ride, I would make sure that I am wearing something loose but still pretty. After all, who wants to be gasping for air wearing very tight skinny jeans when you're going to be sitting down for hours? Not any normal person I know but celebrities are far from normal, we know that. And when it comes to airport fashion, Victoria Beckham probably has the most interesting. Sometimes fabulous, sometimes strange.

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Breakfast at LAX

Breakfast at LAX Here is Victoria channeling Holly Golightly. Chic, right? I think that dress is too tight for flying but that's just me.


Sgt. Vicky B, Reporting for Duty

Sgt. Vicky B, Reporting for Duty Perhaps the flight was a costume party type of thing? And of course, she had to match the bag and the shoes.


Here to Replace the Pilot

Here to Replace the Pilot Would you fly if Victoria were the pilot? Seems like a funny idea but this outfit is making me think that she might just be able to do it.


Elementary, My Dear Watson

Elementary, My Dear Watson Now this is an outfit I can get down to. But only because I have this image in my head that she's off to solve a case, Sherlock Holmes style.


Victoria's Version of Casual

Victoria's Version of Casual This is probably Victoria's version of that laid back jeans-tank top style that Jen Aniston often sports. Of course, Victoria's version is leather.


The Short of It All

The Short of It All Showing off legs and fancy jewelry. Anyone would be jealous but I envy her jetsetting lifestyle more.


Top Gun

Top Gun This look has got me singing "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling" because it reminds me of that 80's Tom Cruise movie. I guess this is another costume party up in the sky.



Whitewashed I have forgotten that she has dyed her hair this way once. I love this look. It's very regatta chic.


She of the Most Diverse Hat Collection

She of the Most Diverse Hat Collection How much are you willing to bet that Victoria has a spot in her closet solely for pretty hats? The one she's wearing here sure is interesting.


Dotty about You

Dotty about You How fab (and non-flight comfy) is this look? I cannot imagine wearing this on a long flight. I guess it's true what she said about changing to sweats while flying.

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I love the bags that she's wearing. I can't dress like her when I'm in a plane. Maybe she has some private jet or smth. Most of the times I have to change planes and spend hours in airport, would be really uncomfortable to be dress like this.

I have never seen anyone look more fabulous when at the airport. Victoria virtually turns the terminal into her own personal catwalk. Love look number five - so gorgeous! :)

she's amazing with those clothes. and her face is always on point.. shes quite thin.. but yeah lol

I absolutely love Victoria's style! Those hats, those heels, those bags are just fabulous! I adore how she mixes basics like jeans and tank tops with sexy accessories. BTW, she gives some great tips on fashion, beauty and personal style in her That Extra Half an Inch book. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting - such a fab read! Hit your local Barnes and Noble's and flip through this book while sipping latte. You'll find lots of great tips on those pages!

I don`t understand you people! How could you call these outfits uncomfortable.. You should come in my country and to see how our girls dress here.. I can`t believe how slovenly people are dressing in USA. At the streets you cannot make a difference between men and woman.. In my country, especially in capital city, even we have very low standard of life, we dress always nice. You cannot go out with loose pants, or with flat shoes, without heels, without perfect make-up and to expect to look nice.. There is no way for this to happen! Women always should look feminine - high-heels, skirts, make-up (with perfect base by at least one or two products, not just a gloss and mascara!!!!). You should forget about comfort if you wanna look nice, although, as I said, I think her clothes are totally comfortable. They are even a little carelessly. I always dress up with thin high-heels, at least 10 sm, but mostly I am wearing shoes like hers and I don`t think about comfort. That`s just how I should look if a lot of people are going to see me. Especially if I am gonna wait somewhere. And I am nobody!!! You maybe forget she cannot afford to look careless. She is selling vision for God sakes! She must not be photographed with anything less than a perfect outfit and impeccable vision.

Hmmmm......totally apposite of her husband's attire....He must look like her bell boy when they travel together. Oh well....I wish I had her money!!!!!

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