9 Ways to Deal with Annoying House Guests ...


9 Ways to Deal with Annoying House Guests ...
9 Ways to Deal with Annoying House Guests ...

Unfortunately, with annoying house guests, you are not able to call the exterminator. Therefore, you have to learn how to deal with them. I know, I know, you don’t want to, but before you know it, it’ll all be over. In the meantime, I am going to give you 9 ways to deal with annoying house guests …

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Be Honest

If there is something that you do not like that your house guest is doing, then just be honest with them. We all know that in the end, honesty really does pay off.


Plan as Many Activities as Possible That Take Place Away from Your Home

This is always a good idea. When you know the guests will be around and you find them annoying, you could plan as many events away from the home as possible. Perhaps your guests would enjoy a night out on the town?


Avoid Arguments with Your Guests

It is especially important that you avoid getting into arguments with your guests. Arguing back with them will only make the argument continue. When a potential argument arises, just walk away.


Stay calm and listen to what your guest has to say—sometimes they just need to feel heard. Maintain your composure and tactfully steer the conversation towards a more positive topic. Remember, keeping the peace is more important than being right. If necessary, excuse yourself politely from the situation to let things cool down. This approach not only preserves the harmony of your home but also sets a graceful example of conflict resolution.


Establish the Rules of the House

As soon as your guests enter the house, perhaps you should go over the rules of the house. Don’t be too picky with the rules, but give enough to get your point across.


You might lightly stress the importance of being mindful about noise levels, especially during late hours, or remind them about the recycling and compost habits of your household. Remember, a friendly but firm approach works wonders. Think about what boundaries are non-negotiable for you—such as no smoking inside or keeping shared spaces tidy—and communicate those kindly. With clarity from the start, miscommunications can be avoided, ensuring everyone has a comfortable stay.


Password Your Computer

When you have guests over, you may want to password your computer, especially if you use the computer for work. If you do not do this, the guests could end up accessing certain things on the computer that you do not want them to have access to.


Adding a password not only protects your personal and professional information but also prevents any inadvertent disruption to your work files or settings. To go the extra mile, enable a guest user account on your computer. This allows your visitors to browse the Internet or check emails without risking your privacy or the security of your important documents. Be sure to log out of your main account before the guests arrive, and guide them to use the guest account if they need to use the computer. This will offer a compromise between hospitality and personal security.


Ask Them to Clean up Their Mess

If they are the type of guests that leave messes around, it is important that you ask them to clean up their own mess. Encourage them to do so by asking them to help you wash the dishes.


While encouraging them to be tidy, you could gently remind them where the cleaning supplies are kept, or even make a little game out of tidying up. It's key to maintain a friendly atmosphere so they don't feel attacked. Offer a light-hearted comment like, “Looks like the living room's seen a wild party, shall we bring it back to order together?” Most people will take the hint and appreciate the nudge towards mutual respect for the shared living space.


Let Them Know You’re Not a Bank

Yes, when you have guests over, you are supposed to stock up on extra food and drink. However, there are some guests that will try to take advantage of your kindness. I had a friend who had guests over one year. She took them grocery shopping and told them they could put a couple of items in the cart if they wanted something. Sure, they put a couple of items. They put a couple of really expensive items, which ran her bill up. So, the next year, to fix that problem, she simply dropped them off at the grocery store and told them she would be waiting in the car for them.


When faced with house guests who may not be as considerate as we'd hope, it's crucial to set boundaries early on. Gently but firmly, let them know your expectations regarding expenses. You can offer alternatives, like splitting the cost of groceries or coordinating meals to ensure everyone contributes. It’s important not to feel pressured into footing the entire bill — after all, hosting doesn't mean you should bear all the financial responsibilities. Setting these expectations can avoid awkward situations and ensure that both you and your guests enjoy their stay.


Don’t Invite Them Back

Okay, so point blank, if you believe the house guests are annoying, then this is where you are going to draw the line. Usually when guests walk out the door, they are invited back for a future stay. Avoid doing this and perhaps they will get the point.


Ignore Them

Sure, you may like these house guests. However, you do not like having to stay with them in your house and that is completely understandable. Do you have any annoying house guests?

There you have 9 ways to deal with annoying house guests. Sure, you may like them a lot, but living with them is one thing. Do you have any other tips you could add in here?

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I have a big problem with house guests, 1 in particular. She is my wife's aunt, auntie heather, now this woman comes to our house almost every weekend and every holiday with her two grown children, both in their 20s. Now Aunty heather is divorced (no wonder), Anyway she invites herself, my wife cant say no apparently, when she comes she and her children make my life a living hell!!! They pile up the dirty dishes, they use a different towel each time they shower, my wife had to wash 20 towels after they left on one occasion, they are noisy, the house is a mess whenever they leave, they are noisy, my wife is like their servant,picking up after them, and cooking and cleaning, its like they are at a hotel. This woman doesnt have a frikin life, I absolutely cant stand her and her children, it is causing a rift between me and my wife, everytime they visit!

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