7 Ways to Avoid an Argument ...


7 Ways to Avoid an Argument ...
7 Ways to Avoid an Argument ...

The majority of us have experienced that time when it feels as though are blood is boiling and we want to start a massive argument with people, in some cases for no reason. Here are 7 ways to avoid an argument

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Step Back

Step Back Photo Credit: eweliyi

If you do feel yourself about to burst after hearing something that you think is ridiculous, it may be worth taking a short break if possible. Go off for five minutes, make yourself a drink, do tip number three and remind yourself that it is only someone else’s opinion.


Maintain Calm at All Times

Maintain Calm at All Times Photo Credit: Mattijn

In my opinion maintaining your calm is the most important way that you can avoid an argument. Often people become angry and start shouting at the other person, in my opinion this only adds fuel to the argument. This is because the other person then feels as though they need to defend their argument and themselves.


Present Your Side of the Discussion in a Rational Way

Present Your Side of the Discussion in a Rational Way Photo Credit: Anders V

When someone is saying something that you really do not agree with, do not turn around and tell them that their ideas are a load of rubbish because this is not constructive. In my opinion it is important that you think about the other person’s argument and say why it is that you do not agree, do so in a logical way and try to refer to evidence to support what you are saying.


Listen to What the Person Has to Say

Listen to What the Person Has to Say Photo Credit: WrldVoyagr

Just because you do not want to start an argument does not mean that you have to ignore the person all together, it may be that the person only wants someone to rant to and then they will be fine. So make sure that you listen to what they are saying, show that you are listening by making a simple gesture such as nodding or asking questions.


Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath Photo Credit: clarkmoody

If you feel yourself starting to get agitated because of someone’s behaviour or what some one is saying then it is important to try to maintain control over yourself. First of all let out a deep breath, hold your breathing for a few seconds and then take in a deep breath, hold again, repeat this for as long as you need. In my opinion this is important because breathing correctly has shown to help people to relax.


Accept That We All Have Different Opinions and Views

Accept That We All Have Different Opinions and Views Photo Credit: killer blythes

So many arguments are started by the fact that people have different opinions and views. In order to stay clear of arguments you need to be able to accept this and understand that an opinion is not a fact; your opinion could be disagreed with by so many. This happens because people are from so many different ethnic backgrounds, gender differences, age differences and there are cultural differences.


Do Not Bite the Reel

Do Not Bite the Reel Photo Credit: cmgw_73

There are a lot of people around that just enjoy stirring and they will create situations in which arguments can start easily. You should try not to take the bait and bite back because this is exactly what the other person wants; they want an argument and say things in order to induce one.

There you have 7 ways to avoid an argument. The next time that you find yourself in a bit of a tricky situation with someone who blatantly wants to start an argument, try thinking of these tips and they should help you to prevent it.

Top Photo Credit: Mattijn

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Me and my step-sister fight ALL THE TIME!! I don't know what to do anymore! We have soo much in common but we both like being the boss and we both like to have the last word! What should I do?? HELP ME!! :((

I tried to walk away from an argument because the person was being unreasonable and they followed me to continue it, madness. If I'm ever in an arguement I stay so calm that it annoys the other person because they will be steadily getting madder. I only know how to rile people up, not calm them down. I think it's something I need to work on.

When the other person starts shouting, I shut down by not saying anything at all... and for some reason, they hate it more than actually saying something or shouting back at him/her.

I generally stay come but in my days I just pile up logics,reasons and examples(they curse my mammoth memory)to shoot them up. So I currently got a tag "don't mess with bher" which I am not enjoying but on the other side I am facing lesser troubleshooting situations to handle.

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