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8 Ways to Get Someone to Forgive You ...

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No one likes to have a friend mad about something that happened in the past. I try to make amends when I can, but have finally learned that I can’t please everyone. You may not be able to get someone to forget a thing of the past, but it is possible to receive forgiveness for whatever it was. The 8 ways to get someone to forgive you that I have listed below might prove to be useful someday. Take a look and see what you think.

8 Ask with Sincerity

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of asking. People can be funny about how they go about forgiving someone. Most will offer forgiveness on their own, but there actually are people who have to be asked to forgive a person. This could mean that the process might take a long time if the person wanting forgiveness isn’t aware he/she has to ask for it.

7 Show Them Utter Kindness

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Being nice to someone who is mad at you will usually make them realize you are truly a nice person and they will wonder why they were mad at you in the first place. Sometimes a nice gesture will soften hearts enough to dissolve all anger and forgiveness is sort of a given. Many friendships and serious relationships are patched this way.


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6 Earn Their Forgiveness

Demanding forgiveness only drives people further away. Depending on what happened, it might take time for you to earn forgiveness. There are some things that people just aren’t willing to forgive. Earning forgiveness requires a lot of hard work on your part. You basically have to prove yourself to whomever is angry with you. It will be up to you to show this person that you are worthy of being forgiven.

5 Write a Letter

Words often come across clearer when they are written down. I know I fumble for words at times when I’m conversing with someone. Writing a letter allows me to see my thoughts before the other person gets a chance to. I can retract a statement or reword it to make its meaning less vague. Offering an explanation for your actions in a letter might be just the thing for helping a loved one see exactly where you were coming from.

4 Remain Calm

Getting angry with someone who won’t forgive you right away won’t make matters easier. If you remain calm, then you will also help the other person become less agitated and more reasonable. Once everyone is talking in a lower decibel, it will be simpler to discuss the issue like to rational adults. A heated discussion very rarely ends up with forgiveness being given.

3 Allow the Person Time to Simmer down

People with short fuses will need some time to cool off before the thought of offering forgiveness ever crosses their mind. The length of time needed for this defusing session will vary with each person. Some people are over their anger in a few minutes, while others take days, weeks, or even months. If you are dealing with an individual who likes to hold grudges, then the cooling down time could be infinite.

2 Be Willing to Admit Your Mistakes

Being the bigger person is sometimes your job. If you aren’t willing to admit when you are wrong, then how can you expect others to forgive you when they are in the wrong? By admitting to your flaws you are setting a good example for others. Be humble and take the heat when you are the one who caused it.

1 Have a Long Talk Together

Discussions and open communication can do wonders for solving problems. Being able to talk about a situation that occurred or an issue at hand makes it easier for both parties. Talk to the person you wish forgiveness from and see if you both can figure out what went wrong. There could easily be a slight misunderstanding that can be worked out in no time at all.

I hope some of these 8 ways to get someone to forgive you are beneficial to you. It’s hard having people upset with you and extremely difficult when you don’t know why. Do you feel that forgiveness is necessary or that past situations should simply be forgotten after a long period of time has passed? What methods have you used to ask for forgiveness from a friend or a loved one?

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