8 Ways to Get Someone to Forgive You ...


No one likes to have a friend mad about something that happened in the past. I try to make amends when I can, but have finally learned that I canโ€™t please everyone. You may not be able to get someone to forget a thing of the past, but it is possible to receive forgiveness for whatever it was. The 8 ways to get someone to forgive you that I have listed below might prove to be useful someday. Take a look and see what you think.

8. Ask with Sincerity

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of asking. People can be funny about how they go about forgiving someone. Most will offer forgiveness on their own, but there actually are people who have to be asked to forgive a person. This could mean that the process might take a long time if the person wanting forgiveness isnโ€™t aware he/she has to ask for it.

Show Them Utter Kindness
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