8 Communication Ideas for an Introvert ...


8 Communication Ideas for an Introvert ...
8 Communication Ideas for an Introvert ...

Being an introvert can be difficult in a world that seems to be dominated by extroverts. Introverted people can find it challenging to express their views when they are surrounded by dominating personalities who seem to know the ropes of communication all too well. Here are some communication ideas for an introvert to break out of their shells.

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Start Small

You don’t have to begin by giving a public speech. Start by introducing yourself to people in a polite way. This can surely be overwhelming, but you can master your nerves by practicing in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable.


Use Limited Time Opportunities

Make use of time slots that have limited time, like lunch breaks. You will feel more comfortable when you know that the break will end soon and that you will not have to do much talking.


Make Use of Your Strengths

This is perhaps one of the most important of all communication ideas for an introvert. Introverts tend to be great listeners because they don’t talk very much. Being a good listener can be the foundation of great relationships.


Consider What You Are Going to Say

Because most introverts listen well, they tend to have rather well formed opinion on the matter being discussed. When you do make your point, you will find that people value it. If you know what you want to say before you say it, you will be more comfortable actually saying it.



What you say is important. But, how you say it is equally important. You may have a well thought out point to make, but it is also important to present it as such to get people’s attention. Consider how you are going to say it before you take the plunge.


Find Opportunities to Mingle with People

One of the important communication ideas for an introvert is to find opportunities for yourself where you will have to talk to people, even if it is just small talk. Volunteer for your church or help in organizing an office event. While you will have tasks to accomplish, you will also have to communicate and such small, need-based communications will help in breaking your barrier.


Let Friends Help

This is also one of the more crucial communication ideas for an introvert. Ask your friends and family members that you would like their help. You will be surprised how much impact their support and encouragement will make.


Don’t Be Negative

Never be negative about your being an introvert. It is not something to be ashamed of. It just means that you need to make more effort than others to communicate your ideas.

There are many of us who are introverts or know introverts. It is important to understand that being an introvert is not a character flaw, just a personality type. Just follow these communication ideas for an introvert and you will find yourself breaking many barriers.

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Great post! Really useful. I'm starting college this year and I don't like meeting new people, but I have to, I'm really scared. Hope this works

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