Makeup for the Apocalypse

Last night I cleaned out my professional makeup closet, then my personal makeup closet. Here's what I've gleaned from throwing away a garbage bag almost filled with crap from my own closet:1. If it's discontinued lipstick (like, for two years) chuck it. If you need the color and you can't find it, go to Giella, 3 Custom Color or Perscriptives.2. There will never be a time when I wear any version of green liner: be it pastel mint, shimmery grass or hunter. That's just me, I don't wear it, will never wear it. I need to chuck it or put it in my kit. If you are not a professional makeup artist that means it goes in the garbage or gets sharpened (cleaned) and then to your daughter for dress-up. Or son as the case may be, it's none of my business. The one thing this industry has not seen is an incredibly foxy, talented straight makeup artist. That guy, whenever he comes along is going to make a killing.3. Separated foundations go out. I don't care how expensive they were.4. If you want to keep something like concealer for "back up," get a new one, don't keep the decrepit old one.5. Clean out your sharpeners or else you'll get black dots everywhere.6. There is no need to throw out your sparkles. They don't go bad.7. When the apocalypse comes, you will not need any of that stuff, so throw it out, already.And I did. [...]

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