At Home Eyebrow Grooming ...


At Home Eyebrow Grooming ...
At Home Eyebrow Grooming ...

I am a waxer. I enjoy the pain and I enjoy the results. However, lately I have been really busy/ lazy. My favorite eyebrow waxing spot is on Melrose at the Verad salon with Irene. The thing with Verad is they are only open Tuesday- Saturday from 10:00-5:00 leaving Saturday as my only option. Occasionally Irene opens the salon for me on a Monday or extra early on a weekday so I can sneak in before work, but I would hate to abuse my power (hehe).

So I have let my brows go a little. Not too bad, I do have a magnifying mirror and a cheap pair of tweezers.

I have been eying this little kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills at Sephora for months; the problem was the price tag. $75 for a grooming kit! Everyday at lunch I would go to Sephora and stare at it. I have no idea what the point of that was; maybe some handsome devil would just give it to me (doubtful).

So today when I opened up my Sephora email and saw there was a smaller kit for only $45 I ran over to Sephora. Really. The kit is great. It comes with 4 eyebrow stencils, tweezers, mini scissors, all tucked inside an adorable case.

As so as I got home it was brow time baby! Since I didn't get the "fancy" kit I improvised a little. I got out some white eyeshadow to dust the part of my brows I wasn't planning on plucking out, and of course my magnifying mirror (a beauty kit must have). I chose the petite arch stencil. Choosing your stencil is pretty simple, just lay them over your eyebrow and see which one fits your brows the closest ... it will be very obvious.

Then go to town.

I brushed up my brows first and used the little scissors to trim them up. Then I went in for the tweeze. I have to say that I haven't ever used tools this nice ... my typical tweezers are $3.99 from CVS. With great tools came great excitement, which led to over plucking. Thank god for my Smashbox eyebrow filler and wax palette.

In the end I am pleased with my purchase. This is going to be a practice makes perfect sort of thing, but I will use my kit again to cut down my waxing trips.

Has anyone out there used this kit? I would love to know how it worked for you. Or just any eyebrow butchering stories, I eat those up for breakfast.

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