Skyn Your Eyes ...


Skyn Your Eyes ...
Skyn Your Eyes ...

As I am sure you could tell in my last post picture ... my eyes are tired! With the late nights out on the town, staring at a computer 24/7, sleeping in my contacts, and the change in weather ... my eyes are a mess.

I was happy as a clam when I returned home from work to see a whole bunch of packages at my door. One of the packages was from Skyn Iceland "Solutions for Stressed Skin". They sent me their Eye Clinic sample pack to take for a test drive. I am testing it as I am typing and I am in heaven.

Right now I am wearing the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Wow these feel good. You simply take these two little under eye patches out of the packet, remove backing, stick them on under your eyes, and feel the bliss. Bliss lasts 1o minutes then comes the follow up with the Relief Cream. The gels feel amazing; they are cooling and soothing. I feel my stress diminish and my eyes are going to reap the benefits of being less puffy and any fine lines will disappear.

Excuse me while I enjoy some eye bliss. Post will resume in 7 minutes.

The relief cream, ahhh the relief. Anything with a tingling sensation is alright in my book. The cream is more of a whipped mouse, and you just need to pat a bit of it under your eye. The small container of eye cream seems like it will last me a few weeks (maybe more) so I will see how it works over time by using it twice a day. I actually don't care if makes my eyes look any different ... the stuff just feels good.

Both products cost $45 for more information go to

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