Beauty Tutorial: How to Get That Fabulous Smoky Look ...

Do you ever wonder how celebs get that smoky-eyed look that they seem to effortlessly wear on the red carpet?

Here's our easy-to-follow guide on how you can get that fabulous smoky-eyed look in three easy steps!

1. Smoldering Eyes

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The secret to having smoldering, smoky eyes is by perfectly blending the colors that you will apply on your eyelids. Get this exact same look by combining brown and copper eyeshadow to your lids, the inner corner of the eyes ant the base. Next, use a twig-tone eyeshadow on the crease of the eyes. Blend 'em up using a smudge brush and finish up with a mascara.

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Sephora Brand Professionnel Smudge Brush #14

This is the perfect short-bristled smudge brush that you can use to create that smoky look – it sells for only $12.

NARS Mascara Black Orchid

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