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Mineral Blush Won't Stay

By -Mineral

I have been receiving alot of feedbacks about mineral blushes not being able to stay long on oily skin. I mean, as much as alot of people want to wear mineral makeup from primer to finishing powder, one noted hindrance is the inability of blush to stay on very oily skin.

Even I have that problem. That still doesn’t stop me from applying mineral blush since I’ve permanently said goodbye to non-mineral makeup months ago, and mineral blushes are the most beautiful thing that you’d ever see on your cheeks! The way that I do it is that I apply a huge amount of blush - yes, almost clownlike, then it dews up and fades in 15 minutes, and when I check myself at the mirror an hour later, I see my blush blending with well with my foundation, like a natural flush. It doesn’t sound like fun because I always want to see myself perfect before going out, but at least, I get the blush to stay. Sometimes, during unlucky days, I look like I don’t have any blush- and it’s not a brand thing. Almost every brand I’ve tried is just like that. Sad.

Two of my friends from my forum gave me advise on how to make mineral makeup stay, and lemme share to you some of their application techniques :

1 Upon Application of Mineral Blush, Get a Damp Sponge, and Dab Lightly on the Area Where Blush is Applied. This Would Sort of “seal” the Blush There and Help It in Staying Put. a Friend of Mine’s Actually Very Funny, Told Me That It Would Stay There for 10 Years! Haha!

2 Swirl, Tap, Spritz, and Apply Blush ! Yes, You Can Apply Blush Using a Wet Brush. but do Blend in a Jiffy Because It is Almost like Liquid Blush That You Need to Blend Evenly on the Skin. Too Much Would Make You Look Utterly Sunburned

Well, these are some of the tips for a longer-staying mineral blush for that pretty flush on your cheeks! If you’ve got any creative or personal techniques that you think might help our readers, please do email me, or post a feedback!

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