Spring Lipstick Tips from Shu Uemura Artistic Director


Spring Lipstick Tips from Shu Uemura Artistic Director
Spring Lipstick Tips from Shu Uemura Artistic Director

We are in for a treat today!

Shu Uemura has launched their Rouge Unlimited Spring Collection with 17 shades of ultra-smooth, moisturizing lipstick pigments inspired by springtime blooms.

Gina Brooks, Artistic Director for Shu Uemura, shares her insider tips for choosing spring lipstick shades. “I’m not one for rules!” Gina says, “Although there are certain shades that complement certain skin tones, I believe it is how you feel in a lipstick that determines the right lip color for you.”

Featured color: Rouge Unlimited Pink 355
“Pink is a beautiful color with a great shade range and can be used on pretty much any skin tone. Use the shade to soften the face and create a very innocent look, perfect for this Spring’s trends. Celebrities like Madonna, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow work perfectly with pinks as it not only complements their skin tone but their personas as well.”

Featured color: Rouge Unlimited Red 148
“Red is an amazing color that will transform any look. Whether you wear it for a party, a holiday, or even a Monday morning, red says ‘bold, beautiful and sexy.’ Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani, and Charlize Theron look absolutely beautiful as red complements their cool skin tones and bold femininity.”

Featured color: Rouge Unlimited Orange 538
“Coral is an amazing color perfect for those with deeper or warmer skin tones. It adds an aura of mystery and sultriness. I would use this color on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Thandie Newton.”

Featured color: Rouge Unlimited Wine 249
“Wine is a shade that is perfect all year round. It expresses beauty, strength and confidence- attributes that never go out of style! Celebrities with a classic, modern beauty such as Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore and Catherine Zeta-Jones are perfect ambassadors for this shade.”

Thanks Gina!

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