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Drugstore Beauty Queen BeFine Lip Serum

By Deidre

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The BeFine company, which was founded by a 64-year-old Massachusetts grandmother has been doing big business rather quickly. Florence Sender expects $20 million in first-year sales from the Be Fine Food Skin Care line. The 12 products contain 181 natural ingredients and are available at CVS. I've been curious about these products for a while and I finally succumbed to temptation this week, picking up the lip serum, which contains chamomile, beets and palm peptides.

BeFine's lip serum gets high marks from me for the smooth glide of the product. It feels great on and makes the lips feel very soft. Unlike a lip gloss it has a tendency to sink in, causing me to wish for a reapply. Two problems with that, the first is that the product is expensive (around $20), the second is that the pump container is not exactly portable. Which brings me to the packaging. This product seems over-packaged to me. It comes in a box which is larger than it needs to be, the bottle is far bigger than the amount of product it contains and the packaging has a huge and mostly useless bottle cap.

The product says it delivers a "ultra sheer tint" but I didn't find much of a tint. It did however make my lips feel plumped up and full. I love the product and the all-natural ingredients, I just wish the packaging were more eco-friendly.
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