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Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick

By Christina

This is Estee Lauder’s revamped Signature lipstick - with tons of new features both in packaging and formulation. For me, one of the biggest improvements is in the cap, which now sort of “snaps” on, preventing the cap from falling off in my purse, which sometimes happened in the past. The new lipstick formulation is incredibly good as well - it is longer lasting, and noticably more moisturizing, and, they don’t tell you this, but it no longer has any flavor whatsoever. Estee Lauder lipstick had a particular taste, it wasn’t an unpleasant taste at all, just a taste - but it is completely gone now, which is nice. In the image above you can see an overview of all of the changes that have gone in to this reformulation, so if you haven’t been a fan of Estee’s lipsticks before, try them again. If you, like me, have always loved them, try out this new formulation, it really is an improvement from several different angles.

All 24 shades, grouped into 4 color groupings, can be found after the jump. The lipsticks retail for $19.50 at your local Estee Lauder counter or at

**Pink Champagne
Perfect Pink
Lush Rose
Rich Berry
Venetian Rose
Dune Rose
Tender Rose
Cocoa Rose
Woodland Berry

Tender Mauve
Orchid Light
Soft Amethyst
Plum Frost
Rich Currant

Burnished Bronze
Toasted Walnut
Copper Glow

Spiced Coral
Apricot Sun
Copper Coral
Rich Red
Black Cherry

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