LOreal Volume Shocking Mascara Expert Review ...


LOreal Volume Shocking Mascara  Expert Review ...
LOreal Volume Shocking Mascara  Expert Review ...

This mascara demands your attention and had intends to shock you with powerful volumizing ability! Hold onto your lashes as we test this ambitious mascara!
Type of Mascara: Volumizing
Colours Available: Black, Blackest Black & Brown
Price Range: Average Priced
Product Claims:
This 2-step volume construction mascara is the first to build super-lush lashes with extreme volume. In the first step apply Lash Defining Basecoat that defines and smoothes lashes, perfectly preparing them for exceptional volume building. Step2 involves applying volume constructing topcoat. The Perfect Dose Comb coats lashes with Expansyl rich, ultra-volumizing mascara from root to tip. It thickens lashes to the extreme to build breath-taking volume.
My Experience:
As always, I’m wary of gimmicky, time-consuming products such as β€˜2-step mascaras’ but I’d heard good things about this one. The first thing I didn’t like was using a comb to apply, this always makes my lashes clumpy and this time was no different. Once I separated them with my own comb, the outstanding results were glaring back at me! I had extremely voluminous, thick lashes! This mascara had a striking impact on my normally lackluster lashes! A minor downside was the flaking after a few hours - it’s definitely not very hard-wearing mascara. However, it certainly pumped up the volume of my lashes!
Overall Result: Excellent
Price: $13.99 at shopping.yahoo.com
Have you tried this mascara? Did you find it started to flake off after a short time?

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