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Cover Girl Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara Expert Review ...

By Lesley

This mascara is remarkable by name but is it remarkable by nature? How can a mascara be washable and waterproof? Let’s see if it’s just a wishy washy claim…
Type of Mascara: Waterproof & Defining
Colours Available: Very Black & Black Brown
******Price** Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
The smudge-proof formula resists swipes and smears like never before. What’s remarkable about it? It darkens and defines lashes all day, then washes away, remarkably with soap and water.
My Experience:
I found I got a nice, even application with this mascara without any clumps. It did separate my lashes into a formidable fan and created heaps of definition. I was surprised to find it added some extra length to my lashes which wasn’t part of the deal but I wasn’t complaining! I was keen to test its waterproof ability and after some splashing I found it wasn’t anywhere near as water resistant as most other waterproof mascaras. It started to run immediately and left me with the dreaded raccoon eyes, not as bad as a non-waterproof mascara but still visible. This was a big disappointment because this mascara is otherwise a good product. It was easily removed but who cares what it does at the end of the day, it’s while you’re caught in that rain shower that it needs to be doing its job!
Overall Rating: Bad
Price: $4.99 at
I don’t really see the point of this mascara. Do you think it’s important for a mascara to be washable and waterproof?

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