Max Factor No Colour Mascara Expert Review ...


Max Factor No Colour Mascara  Expert Review ...
Max Factor No Colour Mascara  Expert Review ...

Max Factor claim this clear mascara will allow your natural beauty and sexiness shine through! We liked the sound of that but we wanted to test the transparency of this story first…
Type of Mascara: Clear
Colours Available: Clear
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Preserves the natural color of your lashes without adding color to create a smooth, feather-like appearance. Lightweight conditioning gel formula also helps soften lashes for a supple and naturally sexy look.
My Experience:
I would rarely use clear mascara, mainly because I have fair lashes and I would feel naked to leave the house without enrobing them in some rich, dark colour! On application the mascara felt a little gloopy and thicker than I imagined. I think I would prefer a gel-based formula. I coated my lashes and just as I had expected, I looked like I was make-up less, a look I don’t want to share with the world on a daily basis! After a second coat I could see my natural colour was enhanced so perhaps if I was happy with my natural colour this would be a good mascara! I must admit, I do like using clear mascara to tame my unruly eyebrows and I found this one did a fantastic job a bit further north!
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $6.51 at
Do you find clear mascara is pointless on fair lashes or do you like the natural look achieved?

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