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L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara Clean Definition - Expert Review ...

By Lesley

This L’Oreal mascara prides itself on its ability to create lashes with telescopic length yet whilst maintaining a natural look. We decided to put it under our beauty microscope to see what it’s made of!
Type of Mascara: Lengthening
Colours Available: Black, Blackest Black & Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
For clump-free, perfectly defined longer lashes. L’Oreal introduces new Telescopic Clean Definition mascara for lashes with telescopic length, perfect definition, and a clump-free natural end result. The no clump brush cleanly defines and lengthens by up to 60%.
My Experience:
I found this mascara didn’t live up to it’s name or claims! I was really hoping for that extra length as my lashes are pitifully short and stumpy, but they were only minimally extended. It was a very disappointing result. I didn’t see anything remotely special about the brush - my lashes have looked more defined and separated with other brands. This mascara is all talk and no action!

Overall Rating: Bad

Price: $9.99 at

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