8 Best Eye Creams - Expert Reviews ...

1. Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream by Shiseido ...


Price: $55.00 **at sephora.com

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about trying this eye cream out, but I saw that it was listed amongst some of the best eye creams in the world. I must say, I am very glad I tried it out. This formula is known for preventing those fine lines, dullness, dark circles and yes, even wrinkles. This is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin on the face. I like the fact that there are lots of vitamins and minerals in this eye cream. It does everything I have ever wanted an eye cream to do. I give this a two thumbs up.

2. Idealist Refinishing Eye Serum by Estee Lauder ...

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Price$ 46.00** at Amazon.com
If you are like me and you need some work done around the eyes and you do not want to have surgery, then this is definitely the way to go. When I used this product, I was amazed to see just how smooth it glides around the eyes. It made my eyes look brighter, look fresher and feel better. When I used this on top of my makeup, I was astonished at the fact the makeup stayed in place. This product has some high quality ingredients in it that is put there to brighten up the eyes. Also, I found that I can use this anywhere on my face. I really do not have any complaints about this product as it has done everything I have always wanted.

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