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Beauty Buzz Bad Gal Mascara

By Moms'

Do you feel that trying and going through mascaras is definitely not like trying on a new pair of shoes becauses most of them never quite fit your eyelashes needs? Benefits Cosmetics of San Francisco, CA has come up with this sensational mascara "Bad Gal" which promises it's like "wearing a set of false eyelashes without the glue!" Wow! We, moms, love just that: quick results without the hassle!

So, I had to try it myself before really writing about it since I have eyelashes that are short and thin - that is - one of the bad ones you can get in the genes deparment.

Let me tell you, I am really impressed with my "false eyelashes". Bad Gal mascara has this big and "bad" brush with a rich formula that really enhances and elongates your eyelashes giving a fuller and feathery look to you eye. For more info & where to get it, check out:

A beauty tip from Benefit Cosmetics regarding mascaras: "Twirl the brush in the vial. Pumping it in and out will only dry out your mascara faster! For extra full lashes, coat both sides of the upper and lower lashes, then flutter away!"

It is time to wink away those "false eyelashes' may bring you great resuls for St. Valentine's!

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