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Gorgeous Makeup at the Emmys

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...And we're back! Beauty Addict has been "sort of" on vacation this week, but due to poor weather conditions, we're cooped up in the house and ready to report the best and the worst from the Emmys. Here's the best of the best. What do you think?

Evangeline Lilly. Who is styling her? Before Lost, no one even knew who she was, and now she's a permanent fixture on red carpet best-dressed lists. She looks absolutely gorgeous here. Casual hair, pretty makeup, and the color of the dress is magnificent with her skin.

Mariska Hargitay. Two months after delivering a ten pound baby boy, and she looks like this. Her hair is gorgeous, so is her makeup...but it's the new mommy "glow" that really makes her shine here. She just looks so happy, don'tcha think?

Felicity Huffman. This Desperate Housewife is far from desperate. Couldn't get a closer shot than this, but her makeup was just perfect...and I loved the dress and her hair. Can someone give me the number of her trainer? The shoulders!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. So much for the Seinfeld curse. I think Julia could have used a little more lipstick, but the smoky eye and the healthy cheeks were so in balance that I couldn't resist putting her on this list.

Jane Kaczmarek. Malcolm in the Middle's mom has never looked so good! Again, not the best photo of the evening due to the sunlight, but if you saw her on TV you'll know what I mean. The whole look was so much softer than what we're used to seeing on Jane, and I loved it.

Katherine Heigl. The head-turner of the night. The Grey's Anatomy star was the hands-down favorite among my vacation buddies and pretty much everyone I've spoken to since. Katherine manages to pull off pale hair and a light colored gown without looking washed out. She's radiant and perfect!

Heidi Klum. Does anyone do pregnant better than Heidi? 'Nuff said.

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