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Worst Fashion at the SAG Awards

By Wendy

Oy! What were these people thinking!

Here we have Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy. What a proud mother to be! She’s about, oh, 7 months along here. Wait….what’s that you say? She’s not pregnant? She actually looks like the love child of Skeletor and Nicole Ritchie? Oh.

Remember when everyone was talking about Heather Graham? And she was like the Hollywood It Girl? And she couldn’t turn down pretty much any role? And…you don’t remember that? It was like ten minutes back in 1999. Surely you remember that.

Hello! I am Jeremy Irons! You might remember me from such films as…..uh….Look at my scarf! It is the mighty Pink Frizzy Scarf of Power! This scarf will vanquish you puny humans into space dust!

Plus, I’m wearing a bow tie.

SOMEbody was having too much fun playing with the tablecloth again!

While the dress, and the hair, and the smile are all pretty much the stuff of B-list horror movies, you’ve gotta pay your respects to the Girls. They are behaving very nicely…all lined up here..very perky girls. However, after the SAG awards, Kiersten Warren’s girls decided to make a break for it, resulting in tragedy all around.

Ow! Why would you harness yourself up in this contraption, Kim Dickens? Why? It looks painful and the mustard color is making me crave a ham sandwich. Mmmmm….ham…..

At first glance I thought this was Anne Hathaway. But no, it’s Mary Louise Parker. The top of her dress is all like "okay FINE. We give up. Just let those boobages crawl right on up out of there. We’re not even going to try anymore. You feel like a burger? Yeah? Okay, we’re outta here."

Sara Ramirez lost a ton of weight, and she decided to celebrate by going down to the Dress Barn and picking up this AWESOME little number. You can’t see it, but Jimmy’s corsage is somewhere in there. Plus, she is SO going to Denny’s after the dance, everyone else is going, ya know! And like, yeah.


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