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Jewelry at the Golden Globe Awards

By Nersel

There was a huge variety of jewelry at the awards this year. Big spactecular earrings were striking on the red carpet. Chandelier earrings and earrings with colored gemstones were very popular. All the cast of desperate housewifes were wairing big colorful earrings. Stars who chose to wear more simple but elegant gowns were wearing large necklaces.

Drew Barrymore and Hilary Swank opted for bare necklines and pieces of ice decorating the arm or hair. Barrymore wore an Asscher-cut diamond weighing 50 carats from jeweler Leviev on her finger. Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank chose a brown and white diamond orchid brooch weighing 53 carats from jewel house Chopard for her hair, which was worn loose.

Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Paulson went for more brightly hued gems from Lorraine Schwartz. Beyonce set off her golden Elie Saab with a gray and yellow cocktail ring weighing 20 carats. Lopez finished off her Marchesa gown with crushed gold chandelier-style earrings featuring 10-carat yellow diamonds.

Penelope Cruz didn’t need a necklace with those big jewels in her ears. The yellow and white diamond flower earrings from Chopard are 10 carats each.

Sienna Miller’s earrings were a pair of Cartier private collection diamond chandeliers. They are simple, elegant and gorgeous.

My personal favorite was Angelina Jolie’s jewelry. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie strayed from the Hollywood set, choosing to go East for a more exotic look. She set off her gray St. John gown with a 22 karat yellow gold jewelry set designed by Bochic for D’Orazio & Associates. The set was comprised of a vintage-style uncut diamond necklace with matching danglers and bangles. The pieces chosen by Jolie were made by Bochic craftsmen who used skills passed from generation to generation. Each handcrafted piece of jewelry reportedly takes several hundred hours to make.

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