T2B Poll Which Celebrity Dons the Style You Admire?


T2B Poll Which Celebrity Dons the Style You Admire?
T2B Poll Which Celebrity Dons the Style You Admire?

First ever poll that has a lot of options and you even have the opportunity to add your choice if I haven’t included it on my list! LOL.

New Poll Question: Which celebrity dons the style you admire?

That explains a lot, why I have a lot of options ready, eh? Teehee.

Let me give you a run down of the current options so far…

Audrey Hepburn

Need I say more?

Gawd. I mean — really.

She’s a style icon in my book. I love her movies and I love her classy, sophisticated and elegant fashion sense. No wonder her style’s a classic!

Jennifer Lopez

Known for her chic urban street fashion, complete with the bling, ya’ hear me hommie? Gah. I don’t do street slang so well.

Who can NOT forget that, er, butt size? It’s a source of envy! Ack!

Kate Hudson

She’s one of my favourite actresses.

I admire her chic, preppy look on some days and on other days, she simply sports the girl-next-door look. She has that quiet, sexy glamour that I haven’t seen in most of the *new* stars in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman

She’s another simple dresser but she has that ***wow*** factor whenever she dons an evening gown or dresses up for an event. She has that sweet demeanour that blends well with her over-all look, me thinks.

Jennifer Garner

Another actress that has that taste in clothes that I think tips the balances. She kicks ass in most of her roles — think Alias and Elektra — but still manages to capture that sweet girl-ish look with ease. I adored her in the romantic-comedy, 13 Going On 30.

Definitely, a good option, I reckon.

Paris Hilton

Paris. Paris. Paris.

She revolutionised the world of fashion accessories — through the use of, er, lap dogs. Ok. Perhaps I’m overstating it. Teehee.

BUT — come on, admit it! Who wouldn’t associate this hotel heiress with a small dog that conveniently goes with her look? Teehee.

Scarlett Johansson

This girl oozes with sex appeal.

Her beauty is classic.

Her style is, er, not so bad.

I did feature how her fashion evolved, right? She had her hits and her misses but, I reckon, she had more hits than misses. She simply looks good whatever she wears.

What’s the word…? Oh, right — smashing!

Lindsay Lohan

I’ll give this girl an **A**.

A** for an***x and al******c.


I’m just playing. I really can’t help it. I often hear the latest buzz on this girl — and then some — but we’re not here to gossip, now, are we? Let’s stick to fashion, her fashion, that is. She’s on the right track, er, most of the time.

Mischa Barton

It’s fun to see a little girl grow up. She scared the hell out of me but somehow managed to lure me into the whole “O.C.” mania. I enjoyed watching that series immensely — when I had the time, that is.

She’s a fine dresser, and certainly keeps up with the latest trend. One of the things I look forward to when I watch that TV show. She’s certainly popular with the younger crowd. All part of the pop culture, perhaps?

Hilary Duff

Sweet, sweet Lizzie.

I loved watching Lizzie Maguire on the Disney Channel. However, since we’re on the subject of style, I loved the looks she had on her music video — GAH. I don’t remember the title of that friggin’ song! I vaguely recall cities in different countries — Paris, Tokyo, blah, blah — as part of the lyrics. Grrr. Can anyone help me out on this one? Puh-leez?!

Angelina Jolie

If I were a guy, I’d definitely crush on this beautiful woman.

She’s gorgeous. She’s fabulous. She’s an individual.

Okay. Okay. I’m not man yet you still find me gushing. LOL. Well, she looks great in most of the photos, TV appearances, films that I’ve seen her in. There you go.

Oh, yea — I AM NOT A MAN. Hahahaha.

Charlize Theron

She’s a brilliant actress that has control over her body. I can’t forget that time she gained a lot of weight for a certain role then lost it afterwards. Imagine that. Of course, I also can’t forget her in that bright yellow (or was it gold?) she wore to this award thingie.

Oh, alright. My memory isn’t that reliable, after all. Heh.

Britney Spears

Er — I’m not entirely sure if we can label her a fashionista nowadays. Or even care to sport the school girl look, complete with pigtails and all. How about showing off some belly button, anyone? Okay. I’m shutting up now. She made a fashion statement during the period of low-ride or hipster jeans. She definitely looked hot in them — then.

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends star with the gorgeous locks.

She dons a sophisticated and preppy adult woman look which is highly admirable. She gave me the impression that she’s not holding on to her youth, is comfortable with her mature look, which ends up making her look elegant, IMHO.

Jessica Alba

Another sexy woman. She manages to pull off whatever she has on. That’s definitely something to admire. She can be sweet. She can be glamourous. She can look street. I loved how she was styled in her movie, Honey.

Well, that’s it for the options I’ve prepared for you, people. I hope my short, er, comments will help you choose. Poll is on the sidebar, ok? Can’t wait how this all will turn out!

Vote wisely!


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