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White Hot at the Golden Globes

By Deidre

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I must be confused. I look at the calendar, I see the month of January. I look at the thermometer, I see the low 50s (in Southern California, brrrr). The stars at the Golden Globeshowever, must be on some alternate plane of existence because for the most part they were dressed for a balmy summer night.

Forget those rules about not wearing white before Memorial Day, white was the look of the moment. Not winter white but bright white. Those wearing white included Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Heidi Klum, Ellen Pompeo, Salma Hayek and Hayden Panettiere, shown here. That's a whole lot of white. Blogdorf Goodman has an excellent breakdown of who is wearing what (complete with runway pics of the fashions in their original couture incarnations) and Just Jaredhas great photo galleries. Who wore white the best? As much as young Hayden here looks adorable, I give the nod to Kate Winslet in her simple draped white Ungaro. Worst white dress has to go to Cameron Diaz who paired her flounced Valentino with overly bright red lipstick for a very garish effect.
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