7 Casual Totes Perfect for the Beach ...


7 Casual Totes Perfect for the Beach ...
7 Casual Totes Perfect for the Beach ...

If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer, it’s time to start getting your packing list in order. Beyond the basic items like bathing suits, sunscreen, a good book, and flip flops, you might want to consider purchasing a tote bag to carry your beach gear. Here are 7 casual totes perfect for the beach.

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Merona Tote in Navy

Merona Tote in Navy Price: 16.99 at target.com
Merona has created a classic nautical tote that is structured enough to pass as a large pocketbook, but versatile enough to carry out on the sand. The canvas fabric is easy to clean and it has plenty of room to hold all of those books on your summer reading list.


Xhiliration Pink Tote

Xhiliration Pink Tote Price: 8.99 at target.com
This pretty pink tote is slightly transparent so you can see all your items without digging through the bag with sandy hands. It is the perfect choice if you are going to be spending several hours by the ocean where you will need access to bottled water, books, your cell phone, and maybe a picnic lunch.


Mossimo Blue Gingham Tote

Mossimo Blue Gingham Tote Price: 12.99 at target.com
Mossimo never seems to disappoint with their great handbags and accessories. This one is another home run with an adorable blue gingham print that is perfect for summer time. It is casual and functional without looking cheap. You can really feel confident that you are stepping out in style when you carry this tote to the beach.


Roxy Bright Side Canvas Tote

Roxy Bright Side Canvas Tote Price: 35.50 at zappos.com
Surfer girls will love this Roxy tote. The pretty pink color is feminine without being overtly girly. The small stripes are perfect for the beach and the tote is made from canvas so it is easy to wash if it gets sandy or wet.


Brighton Darla Straw Tote

Brighton Darla Straw Tote Price: 170.00 at zappos.com
Check out this straw tote bag for classy coastal style. It is much more than your typical tote, with a gorgeous straw texture and classic white accents. One of the best features is the zip top closure which will protect your cell phone and MP3 player from damage in the sand. It is big enough to carry a towel and your favorite magazines as well as all the other gear you need for a day by the ocean.


Rope Trim Canvas Tote

Rope Trim Canvas Tote Price: 16.50 at oldnavy.gap.com">https://www.google.com%2Furl%3Fsa%3Dt%26source%3">oldnavy.gap.com


You will be ready to set sail with this fun tote bag featuring bright colors and a bold anchor. The rope trim adds a cute twist to the simple structure of the bag and it is the perfect size to take for a day on the fishing boat or a walk on the pier.


Classic SoCal Tote

Classic SoCal Tote Price: 24.50 at hollisterco.com
Hollister’s Socal tote features a tropical floral design. It is a youthful bag made from 100% cotton. You will want to carry this bag even after you return from your trip to the beach. The easy tropical style would be cute throughout the summer months if you wanted to carry the tote as a purse.

Before your next trip to the beach, make sure you are prepared with a great tote bag to transport all of your stuff back and forth to the sand. What kind of items do you pack in your beach tote? Is there anything you must have to enjoy a day at the beach?

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