7 Gorgeous Bags from Bags Bonanza ...

A gorgeous bag can take your look over and beyond and while boys may call it "want", only we can justify why we "need" more gorgeous bags, right? ;)

So I'm back with yet another fantastic website that offers some of the best deals I have ever seen on bags. Here are 7 of the many gorgeous bags from Bags.Bonanza.com.

1. Khaki Brown Croc Slouchy Bucket Bag

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Price: $40.87 at bags.bonanza.com
Let's start off with a practical, everyday bag shall we? I love the classic croc embossed detailing and the neutral khaki color which ensures that this would go with absolutely anything! And while I usually love oversized bags, sometimes you just need a smaller, more functional bag like this one. All in all, it's a fabulous bag for everyday running around!

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