10 Things You Need for a Perfect Picnic ...


10 Things You Need for a Perfect Picnic ...
10 Things You Need for a Perfect Picnic ...

I think today looks like a good day for a picnic! The sun is shining bright and it’s still early enough to get some stuff together and go. I like planning ahead of time, but a picnic is something that doesn’t really need a whole lot of planning. This can be a spur of the moment thing. You know, when you’re sitting there, the sun is shining and you have nothing to do, you can go on a picnic. Below, I am going to give you 10 things you need for a perfect picnic.

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Something to Sit on

Something to Sit on Photo Credit: Library Fashionista

Do you think you could get away with sitting on the ground? While I do not mind sitting on the grass, it can get itchy and you probably do not want to put your food on the grass. Therefore, you should bring a big picnic blanket with you.


A Carrying Basket

How exactly do you plan on carrying all of that stuff you plan on bringing with you on the picnic? You will definitely need to have a picnic basket. There are many different types of baskets that you can purchase, if you do not already have one.


Someone to Enjoy It with

Someone to Enjoy It with Photo Credit: floridapfe

Of course, you probably do not want to go on that picnic by yourself! You definitely need to have someone to enjoy it with. If you have children, then they will love to go on the picnic with you and your spouse.


Some Tunes

Some Tunes Photo Credit: galessa's plastics

Don’t forget the music. Pick out some music that everyone will like. If you like different things, then put a mix of music on that MP3 player or iPod that you plan on bringing during your picnic.


Some Fruit Salad

Some Fruit Salad Photo Credit: Valentinian

How could you have a picnic without some good old fruit salad? Fruit salad is easy to make. You can easily find a recipe for it online by typing it into Google.



I’m not that big of a fan for coleslaw, but I know that many like it and it seems to be something that is at a lot of picnics. If you like coleslaw, then don’t forget to pack that in your basket.



Brownies Photo Credit: Mitsooko

Again, I’m not a big fan of brownies – I don’t like chocolate that much, but from time to time, I will eat one. So, don’t forget those brownies!



Drinks Photo Credit: poolie

What good would a picnic be without drinks? A good drink to bring along with you would be some fruit punch. However, if you like plain old water, then that is good too.



Laughter Photo Credit: priyaswtc

What good would a picnic be without some laughter? You can’t go on that picnic and be in a bad mood! No one wants someone who is grumpy to be at their picnic. You need to have a smile on your face and get ready to laugh!


The Sunshine

The Sunshine Photo Credit: algo

Of course, you can’t go on a picnic and expect to sit in the open if it is raining! You definitely need to have the sunshine, so check your forecast ahead of time and make sure it isn’t suppose to rain! You don’t want to have your day spoiled.

There you have 10 things you need to have on a picnic. A picnic sounds like a lot of fun and is something we like doing here in Florida. I like going next to a lake and watching the ducks and other wildlife that hangs around the lake and in the trees. Do you like picnics?

Top Photo Credit: stevendepolo

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