8 Worst Things to do after a Breakup ...


8 Worst Things to do after a Breakup ...
8 Worst Things to do after a Breakup ...

All people who date, at least once in their life, will go through a break up. Break ups are never fun to go through and they are not expected to be. Of course, there are some things one can do that will make things even worse when they are going through a breakup. I am going to give you 8 worst things to do after a breakup …

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Keep Remnants of the Relationship Sitting around

Now, I am not telling you to go burn every last thing that you have left from the relationship. I am not telling you to rip it up. You never know if you still have a future together and you don’t want to regret this if the two of you were to get together. What you need to do is box everything up and put it in the basement or some place where you will not find it. Perhaps, the trunk of the car?


Stop Taking Care of Yourself

Come on, you do not need to stop taking care of yourself. You need to keep on looking forward.


Continue Sleeping with the Ex

When you break up with someone, you do not want to continue sleeping with them. This will definitely be sending the wrong message to them. If you broke up, then you need to be apart – not together.


Moping around for Weeks

Moping around the house is not going to get you anywhere. I can understand if you do this for at least one day, but you should not continue doing this for weeks on end. It is time for you to move on. This is just another obstacle in your path that you will learn to run over.


Going to a Rebound

When someone is going through a breakup, they tend to go to someone else to help get over the other – this is a rebound. While it is always nice to have someone to talk to about problems, getting into a rebound relationship should be avoided.


Make Contact

If the two of you broke up, then why would you want to make contact? If you want nothing to do with them, making contact is a bag thing to do. Don’t e-mail them, don’t call them and don’t talk to them in public.


Talk about It All the Time

Okay, weeks after the breakup, there you are, still talking about it with your friends. This is a bad thing to do after a breakup. Your friends will not like this very much and will definitely think you need help.


Check Their Facebook/Myspace Messages

Checking their Facebook/Myspace messages should be avoided. This is a bad thing to do if you just broke up with them. Why should you care?

Those are 8 worst things to do after a breakup. You should avoid doing the things I have put on this list so that you can get over that individual. So, do you want to add anything to the list?

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A breakup is never pleasant and a friend can talk about it all she wants but if she's still taking about it a couple of months later..... I would probably stop hanging out with her for awhile until she moves on

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