10 Unbelievable Break-up Lines ...

Going through a break up is tough, especially if you really liked the person and actually got to that phase where you think the two of you stand really good chances in the future. A small number of people actually decide to tell the truth, most of them use standard, already worn out phrases, but some even see break up as a chance to demonstrate creativity and those priceless lines can really make a girl confused, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. So, I’m asking you this: when it comes to break ups – is thinking outside the box really a desirable quality? Check out these 7 break-up lines and tell me...

1. “We Don’t Have the Same Taste in Books.”

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Photo Credit: eclecticlibrarian

We can just laugh at this one, but a close friend of mine has actually got to hear it live! And, as she later found out, this ingenious line actually meant, “I’m doing the waitress that works in that coffee shop I spend my days in, but I’m just too much of a wimp to tell you that.”

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