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There is probably no other topic that has been the subject of so many quotes as love has. Some are amusing, others sad, but here are some I’ve picked out that are thought-provoking and inspirational.

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‘a Coward is Incapable of Exhibiting Love; It is the Prerogative of the Brave.’

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How right Gandhi was when he said this! We’ve all been hurt through loving someone, and it takes a lot of courage to try again. But if or when we do, it can be so rewarding that we’re glad we took that step.


‘Nobody Has Ever Measured, Not Even Poets, How Much the Heart Can Hold.’

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Zelda Fitzgerald must have known a thing or two about love. It is often said that love is limitless; ask any mother how much she loves her children. We can love in so many different ways.


The Only Abnormality is the Incapacity to Love

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Have you ever met someone who seems incapable of loving and allowing themselves to be loved? I feel sorry for such people, as they are missing out on so much joy and emotion.


If I Know What Love is, It is Because of You

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These beautiful words suggest the opposite of the previous quote – someone who has learned how to open up their heart. And all thanks to one person. Wouldn’t we all love to be the source of such feeling?


If You Press Me to Say Why I Loved Him, I Can Say No More than Because He Was He, and I Was I

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So many people try to change the person they say they love. But is not love about accepting someone as they are, for their character, imperfect as it may be?


I Don't Wish to Be Everything to Everyone, but I Would like to Be Something to Someone

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This is a quote I identify with. As happy as I am to be single, it would be lovely to have a special person in my life, someone to whom I am important – and who is equally important to me.


What We Have Once Enjoyed We Can Never Lose. All That We Love Deeply Becomes a Part of Us

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Perhaps we never truly forget someone we once loved; it’s certainly extremely difficult to move on. To me, this quote suggests that even the pain of a lost love becomes something positive, as it shows that what we once had we can find again.


And Here is My Heart Which Beats Only for You

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Love is about giving, to one person and one person only. If you cheat, then it’s not truly love. To me, love is devotion and dedication, and having no interest in anyone else.


Love Doesn't Sit There like a Stone. It Has to Be Made like Bread; Remade All the Time,...made New

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Ever known someone who flits from one relationship to another, losing interest as soon as the ‘honeymoon stage’ is over? As this quote makes clear, a truly loving relationship needs a lot of work to make it endure.


Love is Not Finding Someone to Live with; It’s Finding Someone You Can’t Live without

Love is Not Finding Someone to Live with; It’s Finding Someone You Can’t Live without Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

Exactly! Why be with someone because you’re afraid of being alone, or because they’re ‘good enough’? Wait until you meet someone who you really, really want to be with.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes about love, and that they made you think. Have you any favourite quotes on the topic?

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Love the quotes, love the photos. #6 photo is somewhat crepy to me.

Love these! :)

awesome quotes...love them...:)

Aww, these are really cute but they makes me lovesick and lonely. :(

awesome post! Actually, I agree a couple the pictures were a bit strange but the quotes were fantastic.

These are soo cute. I love them!! Although some of the pictures creeped me out. No idea why though. Maybe I'm just wierd. Love it anyway!!

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