7 Inspirational Things from Me to Those Feeling Suicidal ...


7 Inspirational Things from Me to Those Feeling Suicidal ...
7 Inspirational Things from Me to Those Feeling Suicidal ...

I want to take a couple of minutes and talk directly to you. It’s just you and I right now – I may not know your name, but I know you are reading this. I am sorry that you are having those suicidal thoughts right now and I am sorry that you feel as if you do not belong on earth right now. I know that this is only words, but words are all I have and if this helps at least one person reading this blog, then I know that I have done my job. Let me give you 7 inspirational things from me to those feeling suicidal …

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I Understand You

Believe it or not, I understand where you are coming from. I know, I don’t know who you are, but I still understand you. We’re a lot alike in more ways than one. We’re both human and we both bleed. We could also both die at any minute. I think there is a meaning to life, but I am not sure exactly what that meaning is. However, I don’t think death is the answer we are looking for.


There’s More Things in Life

Your life may seem like it is falling apart right now. You may see it as if no one likes you. You may feel as if you are all alone in this cold world. I will tell you, you are not alone. Do you see all these writers on this blog? We’re all here to listen to what you have to say. There are many like us in this world. Just because your life is bad right now does not mean that it is always going to be bad. I have went through a lot in my life and had tons of horrible thoughts about myself float through my mind, but today, I am thankful to be here and one day, you will feel the same.


Someone out There Loves You

Just know that somewhere, someone out there loves you and they are thinking of you right now. Of course, this could be a total stranger, they are still thinking of you. They may not know your name, because you have not officially met. For example, when I was a teenager, I was constantly thinking about the boy I was going to marry. I was wondering what that boy was doing – someone that just hasn’t came into your life yet is doing the same thing with you.


So Many Gifts

You have many gifts, you might not realize it. You also have many things that you are good at doing. You just have to get out there and find those things you are good at doing. Perhaps you are good at art? Designing clothes? Doing makeup?


Don’t Stop Trying

You should never stop trying, no matter who you are. If I were to stop trying at the first obstacle that got in my way, then I would not be here today with my husband and child. Life as I know it would not exist. Never stop trying and learn how to get over those obstacles in life.


Things Could Be Worse

I am telling you right now that things could be worse. While I do not know your situation, until you tell me, I do know that things could be worse. Think of other people that are much worse off than you are right now. Go down the back street where you see all the homeless people living in boxes and eating from the garbage. Look at the mother who is attending her babies funeral. Look at the husband who just lost his wife. Now, look at yourself – look at the problem you are currently going through. Do you think it is as bad as what I just listed? If it is, then have courage to get through it all.


Suicide Hotline

If you or someone you know is suicidal don’t’ sit there and think that they will figure it out and it will all pass away. Suicide is a call for help and you should take it serious. Call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is a free, 24 hour service. One call could change your life.

There you have 7 inspirational things from me to those feeling suicidal. I do hope I helped you out. Hugs. Do you need to talk about anything?

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Ope, no it was 5.

I respect the idea for this post, and it's a very good cause, but honestly i thought it was just a wee bit cheesy. No offence intended!

Omg, I cried so hard when I read this post. I never thought about all this stuff. I can't believe I was going to throw away the best gift god or anyone could ever give me! I'm so sorry god. Forgive me! The author of this post is a saint and a life saver. I hope I can return the favor.

I didn't cry until I read your comment. God bless. A note on number... 3 I think it was. I read a quote somewhere, "you may be one to the world, but to one you may be the world." once again, god bless.

Suicide is so sad:(

I shared this post with one of my colleague who is suicidal.I hope she would do better now in life,Thanks.

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