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I have never been a bully in my life. I don’t like talking bad about someone and I certainly am not going to be the one to push someone over the edge. Do you know how many people kill themselves each year because of bullies? Do you realize how many people sink into depression because of bullies? You bullies should be ashamed of yourself! For those of you that are being bullied, I want to tell you that you are not alone. Let me give you 7 inspirations from me for those being bullied.

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Don’t Let Them See That It Bothers You

When that bully sees that they are bothering you, they will have so much power. They will learn your weaknesses and pick at it until you pop. That is how a bully works – so, you should never let them see that something bothers you, no matter how much it does. Just smile at them and laugh.


Talk to Someone about the Problem

If you have a problem with bullies, then talk to someone about the problem. Perhaps, just talking about the problem to someone will help get it off your chest. I am here, if you ever need to talk.


Don’t Try to Change Yourself

Who cares what someone says! I repeat it again – who cares what someone says! Who cares if you dress different, act different or even smell different from someone else. So what if you do not wear the name brand clothing – so what if your mom or dad isn’t a doctor and so what if you do not live in a big house. You should not try to change yourself – you should be who you are to be and be HAPPY about it.


Being Bullied Can Make You Stronger

Believe it or not, being bullied can make you stronger. It will teach you how to deal with things and how to get over those rocks.


Stand up for Yourself

I know, this may be hard for you to do, but you never know where this one is going to leave you. I have saw some people stand up to their bullies and the bully never messes with them again. Perhaps standing up for yourself will help.


Don’t Blame Yourself

No matter what, you should never sit there and blame yourself for something that they are bullying you over.


Be Strong

Most of all, you need to be strong. You should not let those bullies get to you. Trust me, in years to come, they will have regrets. You could end up being their boss. You could end up with them hurt in front of you and the only person there to save them is you. In some way or another, that bully is going to regret what they did to you.

Those are 7 inspirations from me for those being bullied. I also want to tell you that you should move forward. Those bullies will get what is coming to them one day and soon enough, they will regret it. So, are you being bullied?

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Nice. Every teacher said the exact same thing.

If you are a beautiful woman, who is also highly intelligent, you will be bullied like hell, by both men and women. It is just too much for a lot of people. Just be prepared. Most people will be nice though :)

I was bullied during my high school years, but in senior year i moved so i had to change my high school so i wasnt bullied that year, i actually had a great year, i did had haters but i was not like being bullied, now im on college and im having the time of my life.!!!!! :) sorry from my english... but im from latin america

Bullies are stupid. I mean, have you EVER met a smart bully? Chances are, that if someone calls you something, like, say, Ugly, they're uglier then you.

jeeez!! i'm going through my last 4 months of college and i am still being bullied because i work my ass off in order not to be the beauty without brains everybody loves to hate! i've found out that many bullies act that way because of plain jelousy. i had a friend who is envious up to her core and that's why she would be my worst frenemy. what i recommend is to work your selfsteem. it does make you sick, you get tired of those bullies, you don't have to put up with them, i know. so work on yourself, grow your selfsteem, selfrespect and habilities so you get bunker-like love for yourself and you star looking at them the same way they do: next to a cockroach. for musical inspiration, i find "fighter" by christina aguilera and "pearl" by katy perry reassuring. good luck!!

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