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7 Tips on Writing for Magazines ...

By Melanie

As a fulltime freelance writer, I enjoy writing about many things. I also enjoy writing for magazines and believe there is nothing that is out of my boundaries. As long as I have the Internet, I can do whatever research is necessary. Right now, I have decided to give you 7 tips on writing for magazines. Now, some of you may already know these tips, but some of you may need to be reminded, so let me continue …

7 Be Professional

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Many writers that choose to work for magazines will accept less money simply for having the status of being published. Then, you have other who do it as a hobby because they have other money sources. You also have those that do it as a job. Either way you go, it is important to be professional. Always meet the deadline and avoid making errors.

6 Keep in Touch with Your Editor

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You should keep in touch with your editor, but don’t ask too many senseless questions. If you do not think you will be able to meet a certain deadline, then make sure you get in touch with the editor as soon as possible.

5 Be Unique

Be Unique Photo Credit: Federico Erra

You do not want your writing to look like something that has previously been written. You want it to be unique. Simply put, you want your name to be written all over it.

4 Think of Your Readers

Think of Your Readers Photo Credit: blackbiscuits

When you are writing the magazine article, make sure you have your readers in mind. What type of advice do they need? Is your article giving enough knowledge? Make sure you pack it with knowledge, but don’t make it boring.

3 Have the Advertisers in Mind

Have the Advertisers in Mind Photo Credit: ArtByChrysti

Do you know what keeps the magazines in print? That would be those advertisements. If you challenge the tenets of a specific advertiser, then the editors may not print your article in their magazine. For example, if it is a grocery magazine, then they may not print an article that disrespects a big food chain.

2 Do Your Research

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You definitely need to do your research when you are writing for magazines. Remember, the readers of those trade magazines may know more about the topic than you do. Their industry may be their passion. Be detailed, specific and technical about your story.

1 Send an Introduction Letter

Send an Introduction Letter Photo Credit: TypeFiend

You should definitely send an introduction letter to the editor of the magazine. This is especially important if you are thinking of writing advertorials. Offer writing samples, your resume and a list of e-zines or magazines that you have written for. If you are wanting to write for a trade magazine, then you need to demonstrate that you will be able to handle the subject.

There you have 7 tips on writing for magazines. Writing for magazines is fun to do and trust me, they do pay a pretty penny if you find the right ones. So, do you have any tips that you would like to share with us?

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