8 Hurricane Survival Tips ...


8 Hurricane Survival Tips ...
8 Hurricane Survival Tips ...

Nature can produce some pretty nasty weather conditions, hurricanes being one of the most destructive and lengthy types of storms afflicting some coastal states. I’ve seen the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina first hand and have friends and family living in areas where hurricanes are a common occurrence. I hope you will find these 8 hurricane survival tips useful should you ever need them.

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Listen to the News

The news is meant to keep you informed about weather conditions and for supplying you with any alerts that may save your life. I’d invest in an all-weather radio that doesn’t rely solely on batteries. There are crank radios that run on batteries, as well as a crank system that can be used when the batteries run out of juice. It might also be helpful to have a radio that not only tells the news, but that can also be used to contact emergency services when the phone lines quit working.


Have an Evacuation Procedure in Place

It’s much easier to have an evacuation plan and not use it then to need one and not know what to do. Practice the evacuation procedure with family members so that each of you knows exactly what to do. It might seem like a simple process at the time, but carrying out the procedure with a clear mind during a hurricane is completely different. It’s often hard to think straight in the face of danger, especially when you are worried about your family’s safety.


Know Where the Nearest Storm Shelter is Located

Larger cities tend to have designated storm shelters that have been built specifically for use during severe storms. Familiarizing yourself on the proximity of a storm shelter near you will help ease your mind when hurricane season hits. You might be able to assist someone else as well by knowing where to find the storm shelter during a natural disaster emergency.


Be Able to Make Emergency Repairs if Necessary

Leaks in the roof, broken windows, and other minor structural damage can often be repaired on the spot. Being able to cover a broken window with a sheet of plywood is going to keep you and your family much safer than having wind and water barreling through the shattered pane. I know not everyone is able to have boards, plywood, nails, and other types of construction equipment on hand. Do what you can and prepare for as much as possible.


Stay on the Lowest Level of Your Home, Unless You Are in an Area Where Flooding May Occur

Most people seek out the basement area as a safe place to be during storms. However, hurricanes bring an enormous amount of water with them and this often leads to flooding. It’s best to listen to the news for any information on areas where flooding is taking place. If your area happens to be affected, then staying on the main level of the house might be the safest place.


Stay Away from Glass Doors and Windows

Keep the curtains pulled and blinds closed. These will protect you against broken glass that could potentially fly across the room and injure you or your family. If you are concerned about the curtains not being able to hold back shards of glass, then hanging a thick blanket over the window is another option. Boarding up the entire window with wood or installing wood shutters on the outside are some additional techniques for making a window less hazardous during a hurricane.


Have Proper Supplies and Double Check Them

Being prepared for any emergency usually entails making a list of supplies that might be needed during and after a severe storm. First aid kits, a generator, an emergency radio, clean water for drinking, food for everyone, and any prescription medications required for survival, such as insulin shots or high blood pressure medication. It will probably be easiest to make the list and then check over it when a warning comes through about an approaching hurricane.


Evacuate when You Are Told

Many people are not willing to leave their homes during the first stages of a hurricane. Wanting to stay behind is a natural feeling, but not always the best idea. There are individuals who put their own lives in danger by trying to ride out the storm and remain in their home. Some of these people end up needing to be rescued, which ties up emergency services who are risking their lives for someone who didn’t heed the warning that an evacuation was necessary.

I hope you and your family never have to face being trapped by the wrath of a hurricane, or any other natural disaster for that matter. If you’ve already been through such a storm, please add to my list of 8 hurricane survival tips for others to use. What do you feel is the most important tip of all?

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