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Ladies Take Some Action - Reduce Your Weight through Sport Activities ...

By Neha

Weight factor is important for all of us especially for women because they are more conscious about their look. There are many sports that give you thrill, excitement and fun besides the advantage of loosing weight.

1. Swimming is a good sporty exercise for loosing weight. While swimming, all of the muscles work simultaneously. But on the other side, it increases your appetite also, so control your eating habit while doing swimming on the regular basis to reduce weight.
2. Weight lifting is very helpful to reduce your weight. It decreases your blood pressure, hence reduces the chances of occurring heart diseases lower. Weight lifting makes the body system more strong by improving metabolism. This improves muscle coordination and immune system which results in weight loss.
3. Running for losing weight is an effective and trusted sporty exercise. While starting running or speed walking exercises to shed your weight, initially concentrate only on the application of the technologies related to leg, body and arm movements. Gradually, increase your speed. A woman weighing approximately 160 lbs, running at 6 ½ miles per hour for 30 minutes burns around 370 calories. However the amount of calories burning during running or walking depends upon several factors like person's weight, nature of track, age of the woman etc.
4. Aerobics exercises are also good for women to shed away their extra weight. Aerobics exercises consume considerable calories, which results in reduced weight. These exercises reduce mental and physical stresses to a large extent. Aerobics exercises can reduce up to 9 lbs within 12 days, if performed under proper guidance.
5. Wii games also help you to reduce weight loss. Women using Wii games can lose even up to 12 kg weight in a year. Wii Fit is specifically designed to help the women to get back their shape. Wii games involve more than 40 activities separated in four categories like Aerobic Exercises, Muscle Workouts, Balance and Yoga.
6. Cycling is also a popular, trusted and effective weight loosing exercise. Cycling is considered a rigorous exercise and increases your stamina. It improves metabolism rate, which helps to burn excess calories stored in your body. Burning of calories depends upon the track, speed and weight and time.
7. Many team sports like hockey and soccer also help to reduce weight. In all of these games you need to run and accelerate your speed frequently. While playing these games, you run at your best for the short distances after short intervals. When you get start, you consume lot of calories, which results in shedding your weight.
8. Rope jumping is also a trusted and effective weight reducing exercise. Regular rope jumping of few minutes delivers results very fast. You may notice the results within 15 days. 10 minutes rope jumping at 120 steps/min burns the same calories as is burned during 2 miles cycling in 6 min or 12 min swimming or running 1 mile in 12 minutes.
9. Playing basketball, volleyball or other ball based sports are very useful for the women to reduce their weight even up to 7 % a month. In these team sports, you try to perform beyond your capability which needs extra energy that too all of sudden. Activities like jumping high, running fast, thrusting others, bearing shocks and throwing ball etc burn significant amount of calories stored in your body.
10. Badminton playing makes your complete body active and your muscles work together. Badminton is complete body exercise. It requires continuous energy and your regular swift movements need too much energy. While playing badminton just for 30 to 45 minutes you burn significant amount of calories.
Performing same exercises regularly** in a particular place may become a boring affair. Never play same games for longer periods. While selecting the games, keep in mind the capabilities of other participants, climatic conditions, time period etc. **Never forget warm up exercises and the importance of proper diets. **

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