I Just Want to Be Comfortable with My Body Weight.


I Just Want to Be Comfortable with My Body Weight.
I Just Want to Be Comfortable with My Body Weight.

By Vladlena Nyzhnik

I have also passed from these situations and I know very well how it feels when many things you can’t do you are helpless just because you are fat. When you are overweight the quality of your life is very much jeopardized, you can’t wear the clothes you should like to, and you can’t be active as people with the normal weight. You may even become so disabled that you can’t work and you may even die of a heart attack.

And in addition, many people with normal weight constantly find the need to tell fat persons to watch their weight, diet, exercise to lose the weight and remind them about how unhealthy to be fat. Many people think offering unsolicited advice is helpful, well it is not, it can be downright hurtful. Some people feel helpless and don't know what to do to the point that they actually hate themselves. Why a fat person does not lose weight could be for any number of reasons. Some overweight people tried to loss the weight so many times and now they have given up, some may actually be happy with their weight though not the status quo, some have medical issues that keep the weight on, some are too depressed to do anything about it.

But this entire people understand that they are overweight, they see themselves in the mirror every single day and they know that mirrors do not lie.

I am about 25 pounds overweight that doesn't sound like a lot compared to someone who is 200 pounds overweight. If you are over weight because you can't control your eating habits, then you have a problem and need to get help if you personally want to be healthy. I love food, I'm an addict, that's my problem and I have to watch everything I put in my mouth. If I gain 10 pounds, I work hard to try and lose it. Mind you, it is everyone’s own choice. If you don't mind being over weight and suffering the consequences that come with that kind of life style, well that's your business. Personally, I would never tell someone that they need to lose weight, that's up to them and I'm sure they already know that they have a problem. A lot of grossly overweight people really want to lose the weight because it does affect their health, their life and their family’s lives.

How do you lose over 300 pounds when I am finding it hard to lose 10! How do you gain that kind of weight? I don't understand a lot about why people keep gaining weight or have a thing about being as thin as can be, but either way, it's not good. I Don't call people fat, it's mean, I just try to understand that they are probably just addicts that need help with their food addiction and a lot of times they have to admit (just like a smoker or an alcoholic or gambler) that they have the problem before they can change anything. Dieting is not easy and you have to change your entire lifestyle in order to keep it off. It's easy to tell yourself "I’m not fat, I'm just fluffy" but you know deep down, you've got a problem. No one should be so thin their bones stick out and no one should be so overweight that they can't get out of bed either. I don't want to be thin; I just want to be comfortable with my body weight.

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Fairly ironic that you have to scroll through three weight loss ads to get to your article.

i feel you...i really love your articles about weight issues...thank you so much for your encouragements

Oops, really :) You are right, Laura... This for everybody who disagree with the topic of post - it is like filter for non-believers ...

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