Cellulite 101 - Treatment ...


Cellulite 101 - Treatment ...
Cellulite 101 - Treatment ...

85-98% of women have to deal with cellulite. Trying to get rid of cellulite or any kind of cellulite treatment for that matter isn't as easy as flip your finger. Let's review few together.

Liposuction cellulite
Although surgery is the most effective way for any kind of make over, it is the most expensive and riskiest way. Unless your cellulite is not only bothering you, but also bothering your family members, I don't see why you should go that far. Couple grands might be affordable to many people, the healing process might not be what you could handle.

Mesotherapy cellulite
This kind of cellulite treatment was introduced by Europeans (Some says 30 years while others says 50 years). The cost of mesotherapy might be slightly less than liposuction but take longer to see results as well. (it could take up to 10 sections while each section cost from $200-500).

Cellulite creams and lotions
If you have to pinch yourself in order for your cellulite to show. You are probably still in the early stage of cellulite problem. That means, liposuction is not necessary at all so does mesotherapy. little excercise with the right cream or lotion might just do the trick. It might take longer for the result to show up. And the result might not be as dramatic. But it is also the cheapest and healthiest way.

I am sure there are more treatment available out there and I am sure there will be even more new ways of how to remove cellulite.

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