Bioelements - Great Solution to Pore Problems


Bioelements - Great Solution to Pore Problems
Bioelements - Great Solution to Pore Problems

I have been using a couple of truly outstanding products from Bioelements lately that I really think are going to have a permanent residence in my beauty cabinet. First of all is Sleepwear. I have briefly mentioned this in my β€œwhat I am using” posts over the last couple of months, but need to talk a little more about it. This is a night cream that is OUTSTANDING. I don’t feel any need to use any serums or anything else with it - it is my fall back product, the one I have been using in between trying other things. I think it will be for some time to come - except for the fact that I recently got notice that they were coming out with Oil Control Sleepwear. My skin is oily (this is a good thing, really), and although I have absolutely zero oil issues with the regular version of Sleepwear (my skin actually looks amazing in the mornings), the Oil Control Sleepwear can only be better. Right? I hope so, thats what I am banking on. I will be in touch with an update though after I get it in and have used it for a bit.

The other truly amazing product by Bioelements that I am quickly becoming totally dependant on is their Decongestant Cleanser. What is a decongestant cleanser, you might ask? Its a cleanser that gets all the gunk (congestion) out of your pores. This, as you probably know if you have read eBeautyDaily for any amount of time, is the bain of my existance. My pores now are really troublesome and have grown huge and very easily clogged since moving to Texas. I blame it on the heat and the dust. Anyway, this cleanser is a gel type cleanser, not a cream - and it works perfectly with my Clairsonic brush.

I can actually see places on my face now that my pores have shut down and are as tight as they were when I was 14. There is something in this combination of products that is working for me. I am hoping these pretty little spots all spread and run together soon. But summer is coming in TX, and I know what that means. These two products now have a permanent spot in my beauty cabinet though, and I am hoping hard to be able to share some happy pore news as we carry on through the heat! To find a spa near you that carries Bioelements, look no further than right here.

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