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Dr. Schultz's Four Steps to Beautiful Skin

By Christina

Dr. Schultz says that most women across America only wash with bar soap and moisturize? Is this true? Am I one of the few that has an actual “routine?” I just don’t hardly believe it. But, at any rate, this is the basis of Dr. Schultz’s 4 step (and 4 minute!) program for beautiful skin. Ready?

• Preparing the skin by cleansing
• Toning the skin to remove any remaining residue

• Applying active ingredients appropriate for one’s color and texture issues

• Finishing with a sunscreen and/or moisturizer

Huh. Pretty simple eh? He also says that in addition to the very important point of knowing your skin type, there are two more essential things you need to know. One is what your problems are, and what ingredients will fix them, and two, protct your skin from the sun. Follow these super simple points, and your skin will be gorgeous.

Check out Dr. Schultz’s skin care line, and remember that you can save 15%, this month only, by using the code eBeautyDaily at checkout. And while you’re here, browse around and join the conversations and by leaving a comment, you are entered to win one of 10 of Dr. Schultz’s books, It’s Not Just About Wrinkles. I have one right here in front of me, have had it for a long time, and its a great book, chock full of info. I know you will love it! Come chat with me!

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