Get Clean with Biotherm This Holiday Season ...


Get Clean with Biotherm This Holiday Season ...
Get Clean with Biotherm This Holiday Season ...

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Attention all of you Bath & Body Works fanatics: No one likes getting gifts from there! There, I said it.

Its not like Bath & Body Works doesn't make nice products, it's just that nothing says, "I don't know you and don't care to know you" like one of their holiday gift sets. When you give that sort of gift they will either go unused or will be re-gifted.

Let's try something a bit classier shall we? Like a gift set from Biotherm. As you may have seen in on my earlier posts, I am a sucker for Biotherm products. The company makes lovely products that anyone would love to receive.

This holiday season they have created some wonderful gift sets that at are affordable too:

- Eau D'Energie: Boosts the skin's energy with an invigorating combination of citrus and floral scents. Price $37

- Biosenses Body: Offers a complete line of body care that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes. Price $35

- Anti-Cellulite: Smoothes out the skin with Biotherm's own Cocoa Concentrate. Price $50

My heart is set on the Biosenses Body set, and personally I think that is the safest gift to get a girl. Guys, if your girl unwraps the Anti-Cellulite set, you might end up with a black eye this holiday season.
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