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Here on Styledash, we frequently receive emails from readers asking for advice, suggestions, or help in finding a specific look or product. Recently, a reader wrote in bemoaning a problem that a lot of us have this time of the year with dramatic changes in temperature from outdoors to inside, and hot air blowing from heater -- super dry skin. For someone like who already has desert-dry skin even when on vacation in the Tropics, I feel you, and have the same question myself: "What can I use to help my cracked, dry, chapped skin?"

I put the question out to my network, and reader Ingar generously shared her solutions for both face and body:

For face: Ingar uses DHC Q10, which is line of skin care products from Japan that use the natural power of olive oil. The Essentials Set contains DHC Q10 Lotion which is actually a toner with the consistency exactly of water and really adds that moisture back to the skin without grease or heaviness, DHC Q10 Milk, which is a lightweight moisturizer, and DHC Concentrated Eye Cream which gets rid of fine lines.

For body: Skin gets even more dehydrated when it gets pounded too long with hot water in the shower. ATOPALM's shower gel restores moisture to sensitive or dry skin with essential amino acids. In fact, ATOPALM Body Wash can be used to calm hives, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, itchy skin and eczema.

A little bit of luxury: Freeze 24/7 is a little pricey but definitely worth the $65 for the exfoliator. The Ice Crystals exfoliate dead skin cells and according to Ingar, leaves overall skin feeling way less haggard. It also decongests acne prone skin and diminishes the appearance of age spots, blemishes, skin discoloration and scarring.
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