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Does anti-Aging Skin Care Really Work ...

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**By Teresa Anne Ng **

Around the age of 35 most women start to worry about skin agin**g and so starts the search for the product that will help them retain their youthful looks. For most, it is a never ending quest as they find the much touted products just do not give the results we expect. I am one of those women. As I approach my 50th birthday my skin is sagging by the day and I am still **searching for that miracle product that I do not have to mortgage my house in order to buy. I have been a Beauty Therapist for almost 20 years and still I buy into the media hype and end up with a drawer full of products never to be used again.

So unless you can afford botox, skin peeling or better still a face lift here is some advice for anti-aging. You should start using anti-aging skin care as early as 25 years of age if you are not prone to acne outbreaks. This skin care is just too rich for those with oily skins.

So what can you do? **First of all you must be disciplined with your **skin care routine. Second do not over expose your skin to the sun and when you are out in the sun wear a good sunblock that will not clog your pores. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Drink plenty of water and get 8 hours sleep everynight. Eat a healthy diet and exercise daily. Do not smoke and drink in moderation. If you can afford it go for a facial at least twice a month. By following this routine your skin should remain youthful into your 50's and 60's. Do use anti-aging skin care when you hit your 40's because it is the most suitable for drying skin, and remember the skin can only absorb so much so don't expect miracles.

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