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A Very Beachy Face Scrub by LUSH

By Lee

Ocean Salt Cleanser by LUSH

My friends, here is LUSH product to lust over. I love the fact that they (the LUSH peeps) use the underdog of ingredients and turn it into incredible cosmetics and skin care products. For example, they came up with a facial bar made from real charcoal-which is totally good for your skin. But let’s not sidetrack. Right now I want to focus your attention on this cleanser.

So if you don’t live on the beach, then bring the beach home to you. Exfoliate your face with a scrub that’s actually made with real ocean water and smells amazingly exotic of coconut, lime, and sea salt. That’s not all, beach bums. It’s formulated with coconut and avocado extracts to melt that skin like you’re in the tropics of Belize.

So if you’re in a land-locked state, you don’t have to miss out on the natural exfoliating properties of the shore. Hey, I empathize- I went to college in Ohio. Of course, now that I’m fortunate to live on the coast of Australia, this fancy shmancy face scrub is finally available. I wonder what LUSH will come up with next…a foot cream made from goat’s milk?

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