Fall-Winter Fashion Trends : #3 the Long View Style ...

Photo: Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2008/2009

6 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2008/2009
Style 3: The Long View Style
Designers definitely did not take a 'shortcut' this season. What's hot are mid-calf to ** floor grazing clothes**. You can even get away with not shaving your legs! Lol…

Check out the top 9 off-the-runway, "The Long View Style" clothes which grazed the runway for the designer's fall-winter collection.

9. Akris

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As the name implies, "The Long View" trend for this fall-winter collection includes hot, floor-grazing clothes. Albert Kriemler did a fabulous job designing this trendy Akris ensemble in a rustic color – it's stunningly elegant!

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