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Fall-Winter Fashion Trends 3 the Long View Style ...

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Photo: Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2008/2009

6 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2008/2009
Style 3: The Long View Style
Designers definitely did not take a 'shortcut' this season. What's hot are mid-calf to ** floor grazing clothes**. You can even get away with not shaving your legs! Lol…

Check out the top 9 off-the-runway, "The Long View Style" clothes which grazed the runway for the designer's fall-winter collection.

9 Akris

AkrisAs the name implies, "The Long View" trend for this fall-winter collection includes hot, floor-grazing clothes. Albert Kriemler did a fabulous job designing this trendy Akris ensemble in a rustic color – it's stunningly elegant!

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8 Alexander Wang

Alexander WangYou'll definitely not trip, fashion wise, in this tailored yet chic Alexander Wang ensemble which includes a floor-grazing skirt, a long jacket and a casual tank top.

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7 Carlos Miele

Carlos MieleBrazilian designer Carlos Miele hits his fashion fans in just the right spot. This highly structured yet busy piece is made up of a tailored jacket, wide belt and a scrunched-up, long skirt to make up one deliciously fashionable whole.

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6 Chris Benz

Chris BenzYou'll definitely not look like a party-pooper in this ensemble. It reflects Chris Benz' relaxed and carefree attitude when it comes to his designs.

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5 Derek Lam

Derek LamThis outfit perfectly reflects Derek Lam's signature design: he chooses stiffer fabrics which hold their shape rather than mold to the wearer's body. And the effect is quite stunning, don't you think?

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4 Erin Fetherston

Erin FetherstonErin Fetherston has come a long way since she first entered the fashion world in 2004, where girlish frocks became a staple in her clothes. This structured dress shows her maturity and growth as a designer.

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3 Halston

HalstonBradley Bayou literally resurrected the Halston label – and this design just proves how successful he is! I absolutely adore every piece of this ensemble, from the fab skirt, the casual yet elegant top with jacket – and even those accessories are perfectly matched!

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2 L'Wren Scott

L'Wren ScottFormer model L'Wren Scott sure knows how to glamorize long pants. The design on this pair of pants is edgy without being tacky – and the coat is bound to be a classic for many winters to come!

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1 Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint LaurentLook literally and figuratively rich in this basic black ensemble from Yves Saint Laurent. I just love how the hem of the skirt looks fab instead of frilly. This is definitely one straight-off-the-runway item that I wouldn't mind having!

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