Top 7 Nail Polish Brands ...


Top 7 Nail Polish Brands ...
Top 7 Nail Polish Brands ...

One thing I cannot stand is dull nail polish, polish that doesn’t last, and polish that goes stale way too fast while in the cabinet. Here are 7 top brands guaranteed to last, and to make your nails looks good. And you can buy most of these at!

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OPI OPI is one of the top brands in Nail Polish! I love the vibrant colors. Whenever I wear OPI polish it lasts for at least 3 weeks. They even have a new line of lacquers that lasts even longer, too!


Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Photo Credit: [Esmaltes] Julia CS

Sally Hansen is all about nail care. Their polishes that have ingredients to strengthen nails, prevent them from breaking and keeping them look freshly manicured. I remember my mom only using Sally Hansen nail polish because she said “it’s the only polish that keeps your nails healthy while looking good!”



Orly Photo Credit: Bibi

I love the million colors that Orly has. There is not one nail salon you can go into and not find Orly nail polish. The polish also lasts for a while and does not chip easily. I love the names, too... so creative!



Chanel A little bit more expensive polish but the quality is excellent. My favorite color is Vamp, whcih is a soft tone purple. Chanel also offers a really good base coat, so the polish lasts even longer!



Revlon I started buying Revlon because of Halle Berry. But it is a pretty good nail polish. It lasts a while and they have a nice variety of colors. I love that they have both frosts and flats...



MAC I like matching the MAC nail polish with a gloss or eye shadow, it makes a perfect combination. MAC has a nice collection of colors... there’s not much that I DON'T like about their brand of polish.



Sephora When all else fails, shop Sephora! I love all of Sephora’s nail polishes the colors and the names are all awesome. Now that they have teamed up with OPI that is an extra bang for your buck!

Those are my favorite nail polish brands, but I know there are a lot more out there! What’s your favorite everyday nail polish, and in which color? What are other nail polish brands are really good, and why? Please let me know!

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if you're a beginner, I've found that OPI and Essie (not on here?) are the best. once you really get the hang of it, you can go for cheaper polishes at drugstores

I love OPI and Sally Hansen! Sally Hansen seems to chip a bit more, but I love the colors.

OPI and Essie are also my favourites. Another reason to use them (as well as Revlon)? No animal testing.

What is the shade for the orly nail polish above? thanks!

I am surprised Essies not on here.

I think OPI has such gorgeous colors to choose from. I really love the great beauty advice one can find here on this blog!

which polish is better, opi or orly ?

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