7 Fab Fall Polish Shades ...


7 Fab Fall Polish Shades ...
7 Fab Fall Polish Shades ...

I’ll readily admit that I’m the kind of girl who obsesses over her nails: at least twice a month I’m at the salon touching up my manicure and treating myself to a spa pedicure, so it's no surprise that, even though it's still summer, I'm looking for fab fall polish shades. Call me an obsessive perfectionist, but I live by the creed that if I don’t look good from head to toe I’m doing fashion a true disservice. Of course, I trade in my stilettos for sweatpants every once in a while, but regardless of the outfit my cuticles are always well kept and my nails neatly filed. For many of us, lavishing attention on our nails requires an inevitable challenge. You walk into the salon, ready for an hour or so of pampering, and the first command you receive is to, “Pick your color.” Hold up. Choose my color? Again? I just chose a color two weeks ago. If you’re anything like me, twenty minutes of hemming and hawing ensues as you try to select a shade that a.) fits your personality b.) fits your wardrobe and c.) will fit your mood for the next two weeks. It’s quite a commitment. Thankfully, just as trends dictate clothing, they can be used to eliminate this anxiety-inducing ritual. As your next mani/pedi creeps closer, keep these seven fab fall polish shades in mind.

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Péridot by Chanel

Péridot by Chanel Price: $25.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Cosmetic specialists at Chanel recently unveiled their stunning fall collection of nail colors, and the results are nothing short of luminous. The oft-lauded brand focused in on subtle metallics that manage to fuse casual class with an eye-catching punch. Load up on Péridot, a whimsically golden shade that mimics fall’s changing hues and spices up more conservative attire. It's definitely a fab fall polish shade.


Urban Forest Nail Trio by Sephora

Urban Forest Nail Trio by Sephora Price: $11.00 at sephora.com
A former boyfriend first introduced me to the Sephora line of polishes as a Christmas present and I was initially skeptical of these pint-sized bottles. Of course, being a considerate girlfriend, I toted a bottle to the salon and asked the manicurist to lay it on me. An hour later, I couldn’t stop gazing at my fingers, which were coated in lush, thick, beautiful color. Try your own hand at Sephora polish with this trio that mimics the pastel greens popular throughout the summer.


Nude Nail Color by Essie

Nude Nail Color by Essie Price: $8.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Whether you’re fully comfortable strutting around the house naked or prefer to be fully clothed at all times, nude polish colors are a must-have this season. This sexy shade not only matches everything, but it is positively alluring. Match it with a silk blouse and trousers for an authentic work outfit or sex it up with a corset and jeans for a night out. Either way, it's a fab fall polish shade you have to try.


M•a•C High Gloss Lacquer

M•a•C High Gloss Lacquer Price: $14.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Spring and summer nail colors focused on a rash of pale pinks and roses perfect for dainty sundresses and floral rompers. Unfortunately, fall often involves covering up and layering on, so accent colors such as nail polish can be easily muddled or overlooked. Invest in a darker, plum hue that plays off of pink trends but won’t get lost in the intricacies of cold-weather outfits.


Orgasm by Nars

Orgasm by Nars Price: $17.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Sensual, iridescent, and creamy, this tangerine-toned nail color takes the gaudy puerility out of orange polish. This soft shade warms your hands as your summer tan fades and proves an ideal match for fall shades. Pair with colorful fall tops or wear with sweet grays and blues for a striking yet intriguing contrast.


Velocity by Illamasqua

Velocity by Illamasqua Price: $14.00 at sephora.com
This dusty lavender fab fall polish shade goes beyond the princessy pastel so popular in recent months. Illamasqua incorporates grayish tones and extreme gloss for a purplish hue that is ever so slightly darker than you’d expect. The result? A thoughtful, moody color that adds sex appeal and trendiness to both casual and professional outfits. Match it up with similarly colored accents for a strong sense of style.


Nail Rock Lace Print Designer Wraps

Nail Rock Lace Print Designer Wraps Price: $11.55 at us.asos.com
Rather than settle for a standard French manicure or typical shade, some women prefer to go bold and what better way than these new fangled self-adhesive nail wraps? Requiring just a bit of heat, these creative wraps are easy to apply and even easier to remove. Sample this lace print for a postmodern taste of Victorian lace that exudes rock star confidence. Wear with a blazer, jeans and a band tee for a girly look with a hard edge.

These are just a few fab fall polish shades on point for the coming season. Already tired of these colors or afraid that they’re just a bit too similar to this springs favorite colors? Let us know what you’d prefer for Fall 2011.

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