7 Glitter Nail Polishes ...


7 Glitter Nail Polishes ...
7 Glitter Nail Polishes ...

For a fun weekend look, a little bit of eye-popping nail colour never goes astray. When your nail colour is coated in glitter, the look goes from eye-popper to show-stopper. Glitter nail polishes come in a range of colours and finishes, and are an easy way to add interest to your look. Browse over some cool and colourful glitter nail polishes below.

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Sephora by OPI Top Coat in Traffic Stopper Copper

Sephora by OPI Top Coat in Traffic Stopper Copper Price: $9.50 at sephora.com
This polish consists of large and small pieces of copper coloured glitter suspended in a clear lacquer. The copper colour is warm and inviting, and would be well suited to most skin tones. The formula is free from DBP and formaldehyde, which is reassuring. This polish can be applied as a top coat for a subtle shimmery finish, or applied in multiple layers for a more intense glitter finish.


Forever21 Nail Polish in Gold Iridescence

Forever21 Nail Polish in Gold Iridescence Price: $2.80 at forever21.com
Glitter nail polishes don’t always have to be about bold colour. Take this shimmering gold nail polish, for example. It comes in a neutral gold colour and features a confetti of glittering particles. The iridescent confetti circles give the polish a subtle shimmer effect. This polish could easily be worn as part of an understated, daytime look.


Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Ruby Red Slippers

Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Ruby Red Slippers Price: $16.00 at neimanmarcus.com
This ruby red nail polish will pack a punch! It has a black base and contains an array of large and small red glitter particles. Apply two coats for an even finish. This red nail polish will no doubt add a sense of sophisticated festivity to an outfit.


Models Own Glitter Polish in Disco Mix

Models Own Glitter Polish in Disco Mix Price: $8.97 at asos.com
Glitter nail polishes are even more exciting when they come in a multicolour formula. Some of the best looking polishes contain an array of different coloured particles. This ‘Disco Mix’ colour contains a mixture of magenta, purple, and emerald coloured glitter. The formula is a hard wearing and long lasting. Apply two coats for an even fnish.


Nicole by OPI in Such a Go Glitter

Nicole by OPI in Such a Go Glitter Price: $7.05 at target.com
A bold blue polish is guaranteed to turn your outfit up a notch or two. This range of Nicole by OPI glitter nail polishes are exclusive to Target stores. The formula is DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free. Apply multiple layers to achieve the full effect of this glitter polish.


Forever21 Nail Polish in Disco Nights

Forever21 Nail Polish in Disco Nights Price: $2.80 at forever21.com
These Forever21 glitter nail polishes are an inexpensive yet fashionable option. They are a great choice for those who are non-committal to the glitter look. You can simply try them out once, and if the look doesn’t suit then you are only a few dollars out of pocket. This particular polish reminds me of a silver disco ball and would have your nails party-ready in no time at all.


Nars Nail Polish in Arabesque

Nars Nail Polish in Arabesque Price: $17.00 at barneys.com
This Nars nail polish is all about sophisticated glamour. It contains pink glitter particals suspended in a sheer base colour. The formula is chip-resistant and has added UV protection. The colour is subtle enough to be worn on a daily basis.

This is just a selection of the glitter nail polishes available at the moment. Are you a fan of glitter nail polish? Which of the above polishes, if any, have caught your attention?

Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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